Empty Hurray messages

9.9 times out of ten I get a wonderful Hurray message from the recipient, but every now and then…nothing. Just a computerised message that the card has arrived and has been registered.

It’s really not a Big Deal, but I have never understood this. When you’re registering a card, there’s a very obvious panel right in front of you, to type something…anything… to the sender. It only takes 2-3 seconds to type ‘thank you for the card’.

Could this be a cultural thing, or a new-person-doesn’t-understand-the-protocol thing, or a just plain bad manners, thing?

I know this doesn’t matter, and I’m not “worrying about it”, I just wondered what others thought.


It’s all of this, with technical issues as another option too …


and not knowing English as another option…


I once received an empty message, but recepient added the card to their favourites. And the card was written in Russian, the language me and the recepient both speak.
I can only guess, may be they never receive hurray messages on email due technical issue :thinking:

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Some time ago I get two empty hurray messages, but both recepients added comments to postcard, and thanked me on that way.
I wondered why they not simply write the thank you in on go with the registering of the card?

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I think in the most recent case, it’s that one. Which makes me ask another question: how is the main website translated from English into not-English? It must be, or they’d never register in the first place. And having a not-English translation of website, doesn’t that translation carry over to the Register a Postcard page?

I’m not going off-topic (!), I’m trying to understand the ins-and-outs of my original question.

Well if you’re using Google Chrome as Browser you can easily get every website translated!


, and not knowing Google Translater…


…but that doesn’t translate the Register a Postcard page?

I can’t say that I mind. I assume there is a reason and carry on. Maybe they are busy. Maybe they have broken their arm. Maybe they have too many cards to do.

I don’t think there’s much point in forcing out some generic thanks, that if anything is worse than no message.


It does, but not the text you write in that panel.

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That doesn’t apply in the most recent case (I really don’t want to get into specifics and name-and-shaming), and

No one said anything about “forcing out…generic thanks”. :puzzled: Me, I’d rather have “generic thanks” than no message at all!

I wanted to ask about empty hurrey messages once, and then I gave up…because I was confused. Is that hard to write just abbreviation ty ( only 2 letters), I will know that is thank you :smiley:
First, profile to whom I sent postcard was empty, second when I got Hurrey msg also was empty.
I started to think that I sent postcard to a bot. He or she is an old member (sent lot of cards), so I think there is no chance he or she doesn’t know how to say thank you.Maybe it was technical issues…I will never know. And yes, profile is still empty. :scream_cat:


I leave the Hurray!-Message empty, when the sender did not make up his/her mind, neither about the card nor about the text. That might have happened less than ten times out of more than 4000 cards I received.


It doesn’t happen often, but in two cases I noticed later that the cards were mailed by children.

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Sent, surely?

I completely feel you! I get that actually very often! And I feel even a bit offended because I spent time to pick the card according to user’s profile and write a nice message, decorate the card and then I get nothing in the message when they register it. I do think it’s just bad manners.


Received, for I write the Hurray-Messages for the cards I get.

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Are you sure it’s not a technical issue at your end? Some email services actually truncate messages for some reason.

Personally, it’s very rare that I get an empty hurray message. And when I do, I really don’t think too much about it. It’s easier to just move on.


I get messages from other members as Hurray and regular messages as well, so it’s not a technical issue.
But I am not that surprised because sometimes I even received completely empty cards with just ID on them and my address.
I don’t think much about it but I do consider it rude.