Edited/deleted posts

What is the point of having edits to a post, and deleted posts, available for everyone to see? In other words, if you edit a post, people can see what you’ve changed - why? If you delete a post, people can see what you’ve written and then deleted - why? This is somewhat inhibiting, I think.

Delected post will be gone forever after 24 hours.
Avout zhe editing, I am not sure, think it was for a friendlier communication?

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I prefer to have edits visible. Then people can’t go back and edit their posts in a way to make themselves look better and/or make others look bad. Well, they can still do that, but everyone can see the history. I don’t mind people seeing my post edits. I usually only edit if I accidentally give wrong info, have a typo, or didn’t express myself clearly, and so it doesn’t matter that you can see what I originally wrote along with the edit.


Yeah, the edit history can be useful! Especially for wikis so that if somebody accidentally deletes everything, we can still just restore a previous version :full_moon_with_face: It is nice to know that, whatever happens, you can look at the edit history to see how it was before. I regularly had heart trepidations when editing my RRs that I could have accidentally deleted something to soon… None of that in the new forum! :partying_face:


If they gonna be visible they should visible only to members.Non-members shouldn’t see post’s edited history.

I don’t know how I see it? Someone has replied to me, then edited, and there is no message? Should I see it somehow?

I didn’t know we see what is edited either. I always try to write what I edited.

If you’re not a registered member of postcrossing, you cannot even see the forum.
Let alone edited posts.

I tried from another browser (My account isn’t open there)I can see the forum and edited posts.

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You’re still logged in here, otherwise you couldn’t post here. Try logging out here, and logging out of postcrossing too. Then try to see the forum.

Edited to add: Hmmmm. You’re right. You can see the forum even if you’re not a member of postcrossing. No doubt the admins have their reasons.

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I tried I log out and forum was still visible with all edit

Yeah being forum is visible is understandable but edits should be invisible to non-members

Since this topic created last November has reappeared on my radar, I stand by my original question. What is the point of having post-edits available for everyone to see? To @Feuerstuhl, how many people edit wikis? A tiny number.

However, as in so many other things, it’s not my forum and that’s how it is run. One has to take it or leave it. :man_shrugging:

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Sure ,my point is they can limit seeing edits to just members or moderators.Or giving users a choice do you want to be visible edit or not?

You can see the edit history by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right of someone’s post. If there’s no pencil, they haven’t edited it.

Edited so you can see the differences

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Hello dear @SailingBy and @bayankod,

Yes, you still can read edited posts , even when you’re not a forummember .
( I also checked the edited posts, a few minutes ago. I wasn’t logged in . )

You could check this page occasionally :


“We may amend the rules on this page occasionally. Please check this page now and then, to make sure you’re up-to-date on any changes. Last updated: 12 Dec 2020.”


I don’t know if that’s possible in Discourse (this forum’s software) and TBH I’m not about to research that.

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It depends on the nature of the wiki. I have a wiki as gallery in the Goody Two Shoes :ballet_shoes: Chaotic Nonsense RR where everyone can add images of received cards and, especially if you consider any future participants, I think there are going to be quite a lot of people who edit this wiki.
But independent of wikis, I think it is a very useful feature. As host of three RRs, I am quite glad that I can check there if I accidentally delete or add the wrong thing to/from a group, accidentally delete a whole group – this already happened :grimacing: So, yeah, the edit history is great :+1: Sometimes, it is just interesting. I really like it in tags as well. Sometimes, the rules of a game are changed – and often, we are not notified. In the old forum, it used to be a source of great confusion for me. But now I can see that, no, my memory does not trick me, the rules were indeed as I remember, but they were changed. It is easier to protest against these changes, too, now that we can see them and exactly how and when they were changed :slight_smile:

@saintursula There is a five minute grace period (for typos etc.) where changes are not recorded as edit in the edit history. If you want it to actually show up as edited, you have to wait at least five minutes before you edit your post.


I guess just for typos not for deleting a lot of words or deleting a comment

Ah I had no idea about that, thanks!

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Yes, well, some of us don’t do round robins, tags, swaps, trades. We’re only here to send postcards and get some back. Are you saying that showing the contents of edited posts should continue for all the round-robbiners, taggers, swappers and traders? Answer: yes, probably.

Therefore, as previously surmised, it’s just something we have to put up with.

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