Edited/deleted posts

This is one of the reasons I’m glad we can see edits. In the old forum I recall a tag game that led to a discussion regarding the original rules, which of course we couldn’t see anymore. That will never happen again :blush:

Wikis are great! My favourite is the one with suggestions on where to buy postcards.


If you are a member or not you can see comments edited parts too?What about giving a choice to users like do you want to visible edits or do you not want visible edits?

There is a “grace period” from the time of the original post. I think it’s 5 minutes. If you edit within that time, edits are not visible.

Edit: Oops, I see Feuerstuhl already mentioned this.


Thank you @saintursula, now I understand :slight_smile: I thought the edit mark is just an icon!

Edit. but I didn’t see your edit, but some else edits.

That’s been discussed here:


For the first time ever, I feel like flagging a post for being Off Topic. How would that go down, reporting a Moderator for being Off Topic? (probably badly, so I didn’t)

The topic is: Edited/Deleted Posts, not Polls. It had died a death until @bayankod exhumed it two months later. But as kids say, “whatever…”

It also reduces confusion in normal discussions where everybody can edit their post to theoretically say the exact opposite. If people can see the original post, too, the whole discussion might make more sense for everyone who reads the topic later.


I really don’t see what exactly is the problem. If people are bothered by the old versions being visible, I have one advice for them: whatever you think shouldn’t be visible in your edit history - don’t post it in the first place. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Friendly reminder: nothing ever dies on the internet!


Why is it “off topic” when someone refers to something which you yourself have posted before?
Shouldn’t you flag your own post instead because you were the first who went “off topic”?


I am very uncomfortable with this feature. What if I accidentally post my address, thinking I am replying to someone privately? If I edit it out it will forever be visible to all. If I delete it it will be there for a day. Do I not have the right to withdraw my data if I so wish? What if I’m posting here drunk and say something very rude and regret it later?

Sure, display the usual edited four minutes ago but let us have the right to erase what we wish. At a minimum, have a clear notice displayed every time a post or reply is being written, letting us know that whatever we say is public and permanent.


This happens sometimes in the penpal section, for example. The best thing to do is flag the post for the moderators, they can delete the post sooner than after 24h.


Hey, you’re right. :wave: I’ve just gone back and edited my post which mentioned something which I shouldn’t have mentioned.

But everyone can still see it, because I’ve edited the post. :smiley:

Dear @elanlei, please “flag” the post .
Like @delenn_mir wrote, the admin team and moderators are able to make the address/ post invisible :wink: .

That’s not good enough. If I’m the one wanting my data removed, I need to have control over when the removal happens. It cannot be done at the discretion of someone else.

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simple solution: NEVER post your address in a topic. If you want someone to know your address, send a private message.


Writing a reply to a comment or to a private message has very similar interface.People can write their personal data on comments when they thinking they were writing it on a personal message.


We need a postbot or something like that for this kind of situations.Moderators can be busy at the moment.

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That’s not the point. It might not be an address, it could be anything. I might want to remove or hide a post for any reason. This process should never be public.

Parts of this forum are very confusing and I would be surprised if it was considered accessible. It is very easy to make errors. We should all have the right to correct them without the process being on show for everyone.


Definitely,we can make mistakes it should be more easier to make them right

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I would not want the edit history to be invisible / deleted.
I had more than one instance where people edited their posts to seem nicer afterwards when they had been very unfriendly beforehand.
Hiding the edit history gives way to intrusive and inappropriate behavior, because the posters can afterwards hide behind their edit.
Every nice and honest person shouldn’t need to hide the edit history of their posts. And the accidental posting of addresses is already covered by the possibility to flag the post and let it be deleted by the admins.