Easter Meetup in London 30 March 2024

The price of postcards has been reduced to 0.15p.

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Hey Jenny! I forgot to ask before, please could I have 10? :heart: I don’t mind giving you the original RRP :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No worries

Decided to just come to the library tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you all!! :+1:t4:


Can I remind everyone that the BL is a national museum. Your bag will be searched by security at the door and you cannot bring in luggage or other large items.

Thank you for the reminder.
I would say we meet outside so that we enter together and look for a spot to sit together to make sure we’re not all over the place.

I will join you at the Library. I’ll arrive there before 1 pm.

Is anyone else there already? Iam at the stairs whete the mail rail is, with a large blue handbag

We’re in the cafe where the guy with the hi-vis vest is.


I’ll be at the cafe in two minutes, I have an Elizabeth line bag with me

I will come to the library around 1:15 pm.

We’re heading up to the terrace restaurant on the first floor

Some of us are at the Library, meet us at the Terrace restaurant

Is that the Last Word? Next to the entrance to the library?

I’m at the museum, you can get the Museum stamp dropping your mail at the postbox. So only after the meeting.
They also have dinosaurs stamps available.
On my way to the library.

Upstairs at the back of the library on the 1st floor

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I’ll be at the library/terrace restaurant in the next 5 mins! :love_letter:


I am here! Found the group!


Had to dash off early.
Great meeting! Thanks to Mia and Jenny for organising.
Hope to see many of you at International Meet-up on 4th May.