Do You Make Zines? - Zine Chat in General

zines are something like selfmade brochures. topics can be about anything you like.
Here is the wikipedia page introducing you what zines are like :

And if you look on YouTube with the search words like zine or zines or mini zines, you can get more better
ideas what they are like :slight_smile:

does anyone make zines? if yes, what are they mainly about ?

i made two photo zines with the photos i took in japan :slight_smile: they are rather fragile, though.
postcard sized, full colour, 46 pages, but with no words, just photos.


I don’t make them, but I’m super curious about them! Could you show us some of yours, @clubpostcards? :slight_smile:


I make zines too.

KEBEK is my new zine is about noise music where I review noise cassete tapes and interview to a noise/label artists.

I also run a zine library in my city. Here’s the zine library blog:


i cannot show them online but if you are curious, send me a message so i can send you one for free :slight_smile:
just consider mines are sort of like instagram on paper :wink:
I made it through a copy machine at a local supermarket, so it does not look professionally-made at all, though. It is full colour, and its total costed me 360 yen, around 3 Euros to create one zine…

i do not have instagram, though…
love paper more :slight_smile:

edited to add - 27th February 2021
I am short on money for postages, so I cannot offer my zine for free anymore
but I welcome zine trade.


very cool :slight_smile:

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Send me one too for our zine library.


message sent :slight_smile:

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I will send you a zine from me :wink:

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I’ve never done any zines but I’m very curious about it! I got very inspired by a zine made by my favorite youtubers. They made a series of ink sketches of the sights they saw while travelling.
Wild We Roam - Inktober Zine Launch


It is awesome you also make zines !

What is your zine mainly about if I may ask?

Would you like to swap a zine with me? :slight_smile:


I sent you a DM :wink: :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for sharing the video.
The zine on the video is really neatly made, I like it!

Mine is actually more hand made, loosely hand-bound,
made by a copy machine at a local supermarket.

Zine swap- this would be a great idea.

I have made some, but not in a professional way.
I often buy one on Etsy. Some are very nice.
I would love to have a collection of old zines during grrrrllll power times.

I am sometimes sending one of mine out to others. It’s a feministic one. And it’s also full of collages.
Wanna swap? Send me a PM


hi there, sorry for the late response.
sure, we can swap. it is just that it takes some time and energy to create only one zine of mine. so if you could allow me time, i would be happy to send one your way. till then, take care!

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All right!!! Let’s make some zines…
I have one already done about noise music releases in cassette tapes.
Take care!!!

Hello. I’m bored and lonely. I spend most of my time in my room. I love zines. Would anyone be my pen pal and maybe share their zines with me?

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I am not looking for pen pals now currently but if you would like to receive one of my mini zines, we can trade. Do you make zines, by the way? If not, how about a couple of viewcards from Maine (where you live) for one of my mini zines as our trade? You can message me if you would like to trade with me.

I recently made two mini fan zine of the ceramics from Poland, 14 pages one and 22 pages one. Mostly photos of the ceramics, full colour. You can see a bit of it here :

Also, a mini Japanese tram zine. Mostly photos of the trams in Japan. 14 page total, full colour.

In the end of October, I am going to the local small zine fair in Japan. They are going to display lots of mini zines there. Cannot wait !


Last week, I made a new mini zine, 14 page one, showing all of my rubber / eraser stamps that I made by carving, about 20 pieces/ stamps. I have just started to make my own rubber / eraser stamps this month and have already made quite a lot. The results of them came out surprisingly nice. You can see some of my works here. Click where it says Rubber Stamps and scroll down a bit to see my post by clubpostcards :

I used two sheets of A4 size paper (brown kraft paper) that I bought at a 100 yen shop ( like a dollar/ Euro shop). I also bought a black stamp ink pad for 100 yen, and a roll of yarn (to loosely hand-bound my zines) for 100 yen too, and I do not have to pay for photocopying this time, so I can make more of this mini zine very inexpensively, cost-wise :slight_smile: Just, a bit of time-consuming to create one mini zine by stamping each page, but generally making mini zines are fun :slight_smile:


I saw this quick tutorial on how to do a 12 page mini-zine with one sheet of paper, and it reminded me of this topic. Shall we try it? :slight_smile: