Countdown for Germany's 10.000.000 postcard?

Would it be possible to create a countdown for the 10.000.000 postcard send & registered from Germany? Maybe similar to the 60.000.000 postcard ever. I love those kind of countdowns.


The 10.000.000 milestone for Germany was reached recently, you are too late, sorry.
And in the German speaking community is a topic related to that. We are now hunting the 10.101.010 postcard, the respective address might be drawn tomorrow.

@manuchka No it was not reached. Germany has only 9,453,071 sent postcards. I am not asking for the ID. I am asking for a countdown like for the 60 mil card.
You can see that on

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Those stats show how many cards have been registered, not sent. The stats don’t take lost cards in account. Because of expired and lost cards, the stats show a smaller number than in the reality.

And I think that’s exactly what @MerlinM is proposing - the countdown to Germany’s 10th million registered postcard, just like we had the countdown to the 60th million registered card overall in Postcrossing.


@MerlinM Sorry for the misunderstanding, I got it now what you meant initially.

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@delenn_mir Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

You’d have to find an admin who will tell you the exact card. (Well, out from my experience with one question about an AT-card some years ago, they usually do that).

As for a simple guessing game, I guess you are free to create it on your own. (just like the countdown for 61th mio is on already)
As for an official pc-wide game with official winners and prizes, well, I’d actually oppose that. B/c, why stop at DE, when an RU- or FI-million or AX-10k is equally worth some attention …

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I think it would be nice to have the next million step for every country as a count down. It was just that I thought, that Germany will have the next million step before the other countries. Why not having a count down for every million a country reaches? For me the game is not about prizes. I think it is just fun to got to know which card it was and when and if it is possible who guessed the exact time. In my opinion there don’t need to be any prizes. And you are right, for countries with not so many cards a 10k step is also nice to know which card was it at what time.

Well, if it’s not about prizes, you can create such a game on your own. As said, you just have to get an insider aboard who can tell you the exact card (and time).

The old forum had lots of these countdown, though there was no guessing, only lists of the various milestones. Which, btw, would rather be around 100,000 or even 10,000 registered cards for the huge majority of the countries.

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Germany have eight numbers but perhaps some are still travelling or lost.

GB have seven numbers

USA seven but catching up with Germany

Well, I watched it now for several month. The gab between postcards sent from USA and from Germany is getting bigger.