Connecting, not collecting

I just noticed there was a text “postcrossing is about connecting - not collecting” when I drew an address just right after one of my cards got registered. I usually draw a new address when a card gets registered and I have never noticed this text before. I was a bit stunned about it because postcrossing is absolutely not about collecting to me. I just get excited when I get a new slot and want to write a new postcard right away.

Is this only for me or has anyone else gotten this aswell?


It comes up to everyone from time to time.


I get that message too.
It is a reminder, that the back of the card is important and that we all can have a wishlist but no one is obligated to fulfill it.
Don’t give it a second thought. There is nothing wrong with having all possible cards travelling at the same time.


Look here for Ana’s explanation :wink:


They started sending this message, every now and then, 2 or 3 months ago.

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Awesome! Thank you everyone for your answers. Then I know for sure the issue is not me :sweat_smile:


That’s funny. I must have just missed when this was implemented :laughing: I never saw it and I’m new


I knew it existed but I don’t remember ever seeing it yet! It was added because many of us are a bit upset when people have too many requests and are clearly only here to get specific cards and not to connect with other people/cultures.


Just want to give props to Postcrossing team for continuous improvements to the project, to the way we use and experience it. And for keeping it balanced and fun.

Pulled an address, and saw this “periodic reminder” for the first time. Don’t know when it was introduced, but I love that it’s there. Good job guys, and thanks for your work.


I remember reading somewhere that that feature had been added, but haven’t seen the message myself yet. I agree it was a great idea!

Personally I don’t understand the point of it I mean its obvious why we are here and sending cards.

I think the point is to remind, you send card to connect with other postcrossers, not to fulfil wishlist of certain postcrossers. For many of us it’s obvious that the aim of postcrossing is to connect, but sometime some postcrossers don’t get it and use the platform to expand their special collections. Some postcrossers, especially new ones, might feel bad or stressed if they can’t send card because of the demanding wishlist. And it can be mood killer too. I think the addition is great :100::heart:


Every time I’ve seen that message it’s always on someone’s profile that has a long list of demands.


Thank you for the nice message! :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your post (and its replies) to this topic, since there was already a similar discussion going on.

I’m new, but recently got an address for a member who might not be happy with anything I had to send him. I finally decided to use a card showing the city center of where I live, and if he’s unhappy or bored by it, too bad!


‘Yes, you can receive many postcards from all around the world’ - as long as ‘from all around the world’ is delivered, there will be much less rows about the so-called ‘collecting’. If not possible, just modify this passage - simple as it is.


I don’t think that the FAQ should be modified.

From time to time I get a really great card for my collections, and really many nice ones - everybody does. But I have to accept that I’ll get other postcards too.

So I agree: Postcrossing is not about collecting, but can help with collecting.

The reminder is directed to the senders, so they know that they don’t need to stress about wishlists, that’s ok to send another card as well.

The FAQ is directed to all users, but more to the recievers in my opinion.


This is literally the reason why I signed up. As I was browsing the FAQs considering if I should sign up or not, the though crossed my mind that I was going to end up in a collectors’ club. The passage quoted in a previous post from the FAQs reassured me. I’m happy if my card helps someone’s collection, but I don’t want to have to focus on that. It’s an added bonus.

So maybe yes that bit on the FAQs seem to be addressed to receivers mainly, but as a sender it really did help me.

Reality has proved sometimes different as seen in this thread and others, but at least there are still many undemanding postcrossers out there. Still, I do like this new reminder (that I haven’t seen yet).


I’m wondering what prompted this change? I don’t believe I have ever encountered a profile that demanding.

There are a LOT of profiles that could certainly be interpreted as demanding, depending on what your personal definition of that is.