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Well i will be job hunting soon, universities sound the way to go!!


I moved to public sector 3 years ago and while the salaries may not be quite as high as elsewhere (not bad though), the benefits more than make up for that. Funnily enough my onboarding admin was done by another newbie and we both sat there saying ‘my god, the pension!’ back and forth for ages.Plus I get to work from home 99% of the time, and as an antisocial old bag I am so done with office small talk!
And it seems to mostly attract nice colleagues.


Love this design, posting to a good friend of mine


That is sooo cute.
We could do with something similar now

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Saturday 08 June 2024


Item has left the overseas International Processing Centre



Released from Customs


Friday 07 June 2024


Your item is currently with Customs in the destination country.



Item Received


Tuesday 04 June 2024


Item Leaving the UK



Item Received by Royal Mail


Monday 03 June 2024


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North West Midlands MC


Accepted at Parcelshop

Leek Post Office [ST13 5DZ]

Looks like sending by International Tracked and Signed is helping get this letter to China much
quicker than usual, what do you think?

@MailboxMagic How much did it cost?

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I sent an envelope to China, for a ‘Write Back My Postcard - Tag’ and paid £7.20,

Used a mix of stamps and paid the outstanding at the PO counter who stuck three labels on the envelope.

It travelled in about 10 days


I can not remember sorry, I do remember paying about 65p to send postcards abroad to penpals when I was a teenager, but I did find this website with old UK prices which
I think is interesting.

Edit: I think I posted this in the wrong section maybe, where you asking about old surface mail prices or the price for the International signed for service?

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That is the same reason, I decided to use it, I have sent postcards I am really hoping
to get back, and of course usually mail to China is insanely slow normally.

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The international signed for service!

Thought so, I got the topics mixed up :face_with_hand_over_mouth: , £8.15

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I received a card from Czechia with a cool ID today: CZ-2125000! When I draw IDs I feel like I always just miss the round 100s or 1000s, so this was cool to receive.


@geo_ That is a truly impressive ID! :star_struck:

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Postcrossing mentioned in a Guardian article this week: ‘We need to go places and touch things’: the people turning away from smartphones | Life and style | The Guardian


Hello all!

I need some help! Anyone got any tips on organising postcards?

My blank postcard collection for those to send have just been dumped into a storage box, with random themes and topics all mixed together! With the exception on Meetup cards, which for some reason are neatly organized in bundles.

I woul love see how some of you organise you postcards and receive some recommendations on organisers and dividers.

*No need to worry about received cards, they all get bundled and placed in shoes boxes, which from time to time look at

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Mine’s very simple @Maddymail .

A sturdy 18 cm wide box, that I cut down so I could see the cards. The dividers are made from a few cards that I received but didn’t want to keep for some reason.
The categories fluctuate a bit but are currently:

  • hyperlocal (useful when people have 1000s received and don’t want duplicates)
  • local (Wales general)
  • Welsh language and culture
  • Welsh UNESCO

Then others split by themes that seem to come up quite often in wish lists:

Harry Potter

Miscellaneous (includes non local UK, illustrations, local artists etc)
If I get enough in Miscellaneous to annoy me, then I split out another category, but only if it’s something I see come up quite often.

At the back are the ones I cannot seem to shift…

Ads and similar

I estimate 250 to 300 cards in stock - not masses by some folks comments but more than enough for me. The advantage of the small box is that it acts as a warning when my stash is putting on too much weight.


Mine is fairly similar to @xxxxyyyyzzzz to be honest. I set it up temporarily, it’s definitely not as pretty as it could be, but it works, so I’ve not got round to changing it.

I used a box that we got an M&S Italian food hamper in & for the dividers I used the cardboard backs from ‘Do Not Bend’ envelopes that weren’t good enough to reuse. I just chopped them down so they fit in the box.

I have sections for the things that seem to be asked for most… mail related, PHQ cards, royalty, tourist cards, animals, birds, natures, maps, light houses, bridges, illustrations, sport, art, transport, seasonal… I too have a miscellaneous section that sometimes becomes a new section when I get too many of a certain type of card.

I also have a smaller box full of maxi cards, another with vintage cards, birthday cards & postcard books and a folder with large shaped cards.

I have no idea how many postcards I have, but it’s almost certainly too many! x


I kind of blindly wandered in to storing them in a reasonably thick polythene mail bag of an appropriate size that something was sent to me (or my parents?) in (a big book or books maybe?). Within this bag they’re in either random paper bags (reused from postcard purchases!) or suitably sized resealable plastic bags, grouped in the following themes:

  • Local (Nottinghamshire, but with a few from those plebs in bordering counties for postcard-friendly places like Belvoir Castle or the Peak District)
  • Rest of the UK
  • International
  • Art
  • Railways, trams
  • Aviation
  • Other vehicles
  • Animals
  • Plants and trees
  • People (I have some with Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali on, for example)

I think there are some smaller categories I’ve forgotten (currently away from my “collection”) but generally that gives me enough of an assist in terms of where to start looking for a card for someone once I’ve seen their profile. It also helps guide me in future purchases as there’s a clear visual signal as to what I’m short of (animals! Everyone seems to love animals! Especially cats but I don’t really like cat cards so I’m selfishly reluctant to buy any) and what I never need to buy again unless I decide to use those cards as wallpaper for a mansion (railways, perhaps unsurprisingly).

The categories are pretty fluid as it depends on what I have in stock (for example, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a book of aviation postcards, and a tonne of railway postcards, those cards would be lumped into a “transport” category I guess). Also for almost any card there’s a variety of categories it could go in (a train passing a Spanish castle: is that railway, castle, or international?) but I think once you start categorising you get a feel for what it’s most useful to label something as.


I seem to do the same as most people: for me it’s Nottingham, London, rest of the UK. Then other topics: animals, transport, royalty, not my country, post related, food, book related, meet-ups, Christmas and other occasions, Harry Potter, Disney, miscellaneous. But as Nathan says, there is a bit of crossover. For instance, my PHQ are split into the above categories, but many people ask for any PHQ so perhaps I should put them together? :woman_shrugging: