Can't send cards on World Postcrossing Day?

Done :+1: :hugs:


I’ve been taking out addresses in bulks today, the first this morning, and the last after I came home from work. The difference between the numbers from this morning and this afternoon, is almost 200 - and that is for Norway alone.

And 1 October is not over yet.


Reminds me a little to the Day, when Germany reached the 10.000.000 Postcards and took PC down, but this was a Moment… now we have 24 hours for this little crazyness. XD
Poor servers.
Happy World Postcard Day


Yes, I noticed that. There are more than 40,000 postcards travelling than this time yesterday. No wonder they’re struggling to find enough addresses.


So I did. My profile is changed and I could write 2 cards. Unfirtunately not more because I just moved into my new house yesterday. After writing the cards it was a challenge to get them posted. I don’t know anymore in which box my stamps are. So I went out in the rain to find a shop where they sell stamps. Then as I got there I didn’t have my paycard, so I had to return home to get it, go back and after thst search for a mailbox to get the cards going on their way in time. I succeeded :sweat_smile: . So this was a tough WPD for me. Next tear hopefully will be better. I’m not planning to move again ever, tooo much stress :crazy_face: . So now I’m enjoying a meal in a restaurant because I cann’t cook yet in my new house.
Happy WPD everyone. I hope it’s less complicated for you all.


And I allmost forgot to say thank you to the Postcrossingteam for your amazing work . So thank you all :heart:


Oh Maria, what an adventure… :sweat_smile: But I’m so glad you’ve made a special effort to participate in the day and get those postcards going! Hurray! :tada::tada::tada:


Good afternoon. I live in Russia (Moscow) and got the address at 2.20 am on October 1. But the site lists the shipping date as September 30th. So I won’t get the badge. Last year there was the same problem with time zones, but I read an article that this year you fixed it. But, apparently, they still did not fix it?

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Hi Irina, welcome to the forum! :wave:

The site still shows the times in UTC as always, but if you requested the address during October 1st in your own timezone, then you’ll get the badge (when that postcard arrives). :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ve got this situation for the first time, so I was kind of confused

Oh, I get it. Many thanks. :relieved: I was sad all day, but you made me happy. I will wait. Thank you for the wonderful Postcrossing project and wish you success. Happy World Postcard Day :sparkling_heart:

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On request @meiadeleite I went Active again. :slight_smile:

I’m convinced it is essential!

Over 50 000 addresses already.


Thank you! :blue_heart:

Things are thankfully quieter now, so everything is a bit more stable. Pfeww! :sweat_smile:


I got several addresses just fine, 3 from my own country and various ones abroad. I’m done writing some but not all.
This morning I went to post office for stamps and to mail ~10 cards. I had them hand cancelled, but the gal behind the counter didn’t know of WPD.


Now she knows, and now she knows about Postcrossing, too, right?

@RalfH yes. I have told several postal workers about Postcrossing. They usually recognize me as the one who writes and sends all the cards, and requests such a variety of stamps. They’ve run out of certain denominations but seem appreciative of my enthusiasm, and try to accommodate.


Thank you Postcrossing Team for letting us participate in WPD and all the extra effort you did for us.


Thank you everyone for your patience all throughout the day!

Thankfully, things quieted down towards the second half of the day (in UTC time), so it was ok in the end. Hurray! I hope everyone had a wonderful day and managed to send a few postcards.

We’re going to take some time to go over what went wrong in the day, so that can try to be a bit more prepared for the onslaught next year. I think this topic can be closed now — if you’d like to continue talking about the World Postcard Day, the main topic can be found here.