Can someone tell me what UNESCO cards are?

There are already topics about UNESCO cards:

I don’t collect these, but my impression is that the picture of the site is enough. If the affiliation to UNESCO is mentioned, it’s probably a bonus. :wink:


Thank you for kindly sharing the links! I will read them🥰

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It can be either - there are many series of UNESCO cards with the label on it, but pictures of the sites or artifacts without the label are fine too.


I got it. Thank you! :smile:

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Thank you Cassisia for mentioning these Topics.


Please guide me to locate out what these are

• UNESCO cards

I have seen this on some members list and recently was asked if i had some. I went to a site and it was all about diving :wink: not sure that is it?

And second question for you senior members ( any who have been members more than 3 months ) what are the top three theme cards most are seeking….

I will be very grateful for your shared knowledge


The official list


UNESCO cards are cards of the various sites around the world which have been given a place on the United Nations list of World Heritage Sites. The list is here:

There are multiple sites in many countries, and 20 of them are in your own country of Canada.

Probably the biggest “ask” is for touristy sights from your own area or other cultural things from where you are. Could be humorous or straight. Map cards of your area or country would also be popular.


Thanks girls. Will look into links , grateful to you both

Thanks a heap that will help… grateful to you

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I’d say view cards of people’s countries, cities are most popular & then as a distant second maybe those series cards FOTW, MOTW, etc. There are also specific artists people like to collect like Tausendschön, Blue Cats, Lou Paper or Inge Look for example.

Take a look through this thread to give yourself a sense of what people like:

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I think I get it …so thanks so much for the info…

People either have photo cards of these sites which are sold in many places & there are a few series done of UNESCO cards like on Zazzle that are stamped with the UNESCO logo, but that’s just someone’s entrepreneurial activity.

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If I were to get a card from Canada, I’d love to get one from the Parks Canada Vintage Postcards box. I’m not really into typical tourist cards (even though that is probably most asked for), but I adore these Illustrated cards.
For newcomers, postcard boxes are relatively cheap and quite a few really loved by many. Women in Art is great, the lego-box is also much appreciated by many as are boxes related to animals, inspiring women or literature. You will certainly find something to the liking of most people if you have your typical tourist cards (photo, single view) and some boxes at hand.


I actually just received the women in art box cards…they are fascinating. Thanks for your note , so Much of this is so new to me.

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You’ve found yourself in a community where so many people love to help. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might still have.


That is so kind of you, i have certainly found this to be the norm

Light today for your tomorrow

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Canadian animals are popular too…moose, bears, loons etc

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I am guessing you sent a UNESCO World Heritage Site card to Finland. Do you have a photo of the card?

TLDR; what the title says. I’m Australian and we have a number of UNESCO sites here, Google says the Great Barrier Reef is one as well as Sydney Harbour Bridge. In my part of Aus we have the Royal Exhibition building which I just learned is UNESCO!

To do swaps for these cards, do I just need to buy a postcard featuring these areas? Or is it a specific brand of card like the LouPaper/FOTW type cards are?