Can someone tell me what UNESCO cards are?


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These are cards showing sites which were Annoncen by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Here is a list if all world Heringe sites.

Some people also only accept cards on which it is clearly stated that they Show a UNESCO WHS

is there a topic in the Forum for help others with their collection of UNESCO sites cards?
I cannot find it!

There’s a thread here, although it’s not too busy yet.

If you’re looking for swaps, they are now just in with all the other trade requests.

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What does Unesco mean? I send a postcard to Finland, which they received today and she comment Thank you for the beautiful Unesco card? I’m still new to the terms?


United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designates world heritage sites & people collect postcards of these sites as part of Postcrossing - most countries have these sites.

There are tags, round robins, direct swaps, lotteries & all manner of threads on UNESCO cards on the Forum if you put UNESCO into the search function.

Many Postcrossers have their own country’s UNESCO sites as postcards for trades or to send as official cards.


Thank you so much, I didn’t realise. There’s a lot I have to learn.


That’s the beauty of Postcrossing - so much cool stuff to learn! - Enjoy!


True! For example, I just learned that horses can live for many, many years due to your profile. :smile:

Anyway, nothing else to add, just thought it was funny. :smile:


Looks like you sent a card of Giant’s Causeway. That is indeed a UNESCO site. And some cards of UNESCO sites actually say they are UNESCO sites, but these places are often beautiful or amazing in some way so the sites can be popular tourist cards for other reasons as well. And don’t say anything about UNESCO on them.

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Why not? I like always to hear if the picture of the card is Unesco site.

Like you, lots of people don’t know about the UNESCO designation, so they wouldn’t label the cards they design.

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Maybe the UNESCO charges a fee for the usage of the world heritage label

Thank you @Leelanny for raising this topic. I had assumed Unesco postcards were a series produced by one publisher. I’ve learnt a lot - including the fact that I live in a Unesco world heritage site ( west Devon and Cornwall mining heritage) I can see one of the former engine houses from my kitchen window :grin: I’ve also sent postcards from Bath - another site, and didn’t realise that also qualified! :joy:


If anyone wants to learn more the UNESCO World Heritage Site website is a great resource. I’ve become a collector of them because I love history, culture, and natural beauty and learning about it. There is a good thread in the Swap section of collectors and several have lovely blogs to show their cards. It’s very common that the card will not mention the site is UNESCO.

If anyone wants a Google Doc list of all 1,155 sites… I would gladly share mine.

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If you go to UNESCO official website, you can see the list of

  1. UNESO World Heritage Site
  2. UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List (a list submitted in advance from member countries that may be submitted in future for nomination to be considered as UNESCO World Heritage)
  3. UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)
    There are other UNESCO listings but I have been collecting above. So it is better and more accurate to say if a postcard is a UNESO WHS, UNESCO Tentative List, UNESCO ICH, etc.

There are some postcards that are, for example, in the list of UNESCO Memory of the World but are not in the list of UNESCO World Heritage and so some postcrossers may get confused thinking it is UNESCO (WHS).

Yes, I agree that Postcrossing has opened my eyes and helped me learn many things around the world.

You can view my “UNESCO” postcard collections here.

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@bella That’s so luck of you living near these beautiful sites!

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@Eosynthia - the Rideau Canal is a UNESCO site :smile:

Oops, I think I replied to wrong person lol. But I can’t see Rideau Canal from my window, I don’t even live near the river side🤣

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I bought new postcards yesterday, and I wonder if these are also considered UNESCO postcards. What makes a card “UNESCO postcards”? Does the card need to have UNESCO mark on it? Or just a postcard showing UNESCO sites will do?
Thank you for your answers in advance!