British Isles Chain Lottery

British Isles Chain Lottery*

In the effort of creating more ways of connecting with the people on the BI forum this is the first in hopefully a long line of chain lotteries.

What is a chain lottery I hear you ask? Basic premise is one person starts it off with a card, washi tape, stickers etc. whatever they wish. People who want to take part can reply to the thread stating their name and a number e.g Natea 1. At the end of the specified time the winner will be chosen by random number generator.

The person who wins then hosts their own lottery in this thread in an effort of creating an endless chain.

As this lottery is being run in the BI forum I should mention that participants should be from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands i.e. the British Isles.

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Hello folks,

As I won the wonderful @chrisbonham11 lottery (thank you, Chris!), it’s my turn to host the next lottery!

My lottery is for eight postcards randomly chosen from this set:

As far as I know the set is now out of print so I hope the cards will have some rarity value. The cards are in reasonably good condition, certainly should be fine to send here/ via PC, and are from the Getty collection. The photos are black and white and mostly are of Londoners rather than/as well as landmarks. Some are quite quirky!

The lottery will close at 23:59 UK time, Monday 15 July 2024. I’ll make the draw at some point Tuesday 16 July 2024.

Good luck! :crown:


Ooh that’s gorgeous! I’d love to win it so…

#1 @jobloggs

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#2 @EmmaG

Thanks @Natea, what a lovely card! :swan: x


#3 @geo_

Love the idea of these new games for the BI section of the forum! Thanks for hosting and offering such a beautiful card :swan:


#4 @chrisbonham11

Thank you, @Natea !

On the campus where I work we’re currently waiting for this year’s cygnets to hatch!


#5 @MoominMog

Thank you @Natea, I love all the new games on the forum, I’ll definitely be participating in the tags when I’ve got time to take a pic of my cards :rofl::heart:


#6 @Ali_caj

Super excited to see these new topics pop up!

I’ve been watching swan nest webcams recently and the cygnets are a great sign of spring :grin: Thank you for the lottery!


sorry ,Now I see it is only for BI.


#7 @BriJN

Thank you for hosting the inaugural lottery with such a lovely choice!

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@postbot roll 1d7


:game_die: 5


Congratulations @MoominMog !


Eeeeek thank you!!! I can’t wait to host the next one!! :blush:


NEW LOTTO STARTS HERE… :arrow_double_down:


Ooh what a fabulous prize, thank you @MoominMog :hugs:

I’ll start us off with…
#1 @jobloggs

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#2 @MartynHst43277

Fab prize :smiling_face:

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Lovely cards :slight_smile:

#3 @B00

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#4 @CEBooth

Thank you for the fabulous lottery, Imogen!

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#5 @JamCrackers

Thank you for such a generous lottery :blush:

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