[Chat] Pull up a stump and set a spell, pop by for a cuppa and natter

Hello Frankie, welcome to the British Isles section :wave:t3: x

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Yes, we’ve got loads here. I live on the borders of Surrey and there are heaps in Banstead Woods. There are so many our gardens where I live in Greater London and loads in Kent, too, where I go four days a week. So beautiful to see! :heart_eyes:


There’s an issue with our bluebells hybridising with Spanish Bluebells…

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Yes, this is true. They were introduced by plant-hunters in the 17th century.

A Bluebell wood at this time of year in full flower is a breathtaking sight, although I am now in Bedfordshire where there are good sites my heart is in Kent where I grew up, and remember following winding paths through the Bluebell woods in the Weald of Kent, where they were thick on the ground, a complete carpet of Blue that seemed to go forever, the fragrance intoxicating at times. You had to tread carefully between the plants where they grew so close to the narrow paths in leaf litter. Sometimes you can spot a white variety just peeking out… A sea of Blue in dappled shade which they adore. Our Bluebell is smaller that the Spanish / Continental species , more delicate, more fragile almost. Just get out there and enjoy natures display at its absolute best… Best Wishes all …Derek


:star2: Calling anyone who wants to swap more cards within the British Isles! :star2:

There seems to be demand, especially since the latest price increases, for sending more cards within the British Isles and it might be fun to have some extra ways to swap at much more reasonable prices! :money_mouth_face:

Introducing 3 new fun ways this evening:

@EmmaG has started the British Isles Word Chain reverse tag:

I’ve started the British Isles “I Spy” tag:

And @Natea has started the British Isles chain lottery:

Thank you ladies! If you live in the British Isles, come and join the fun! :blush: :heart: :star_struck:

And if anyone else has any bright ideas to keep things on the British Isles fresh, go for it! Anyone can contribute! :partying_face:

Moderators please could you “pin” these 3 new threads? Thank you! :heart_eyes_cat:


These look grand, thank you @EmmaG , @jobloggs , and @Natea !

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Thanks Chris :blush: x


@MartynHst43277 i saw these bird feeders in B&M and thought of you! :phone: x


This is more of a US article, but I think it’ll get more interest here, so I’m reposting it here too

Why We Still Use Postage Stamps

Thanks @chrisbonham11 !

Hopefully people will enjoy them!


Hi everyone! I had a late start to today because I didn’t wake up until nearly 2pm. I struggle with A LOT of things, but I wrote some postcards and a letter to postcrossers and made a simple salad for dinner. I thought, in my ultimate stupidity, to share a picture of it with you:

I hope wveryone is having a good day today?


Sounds like a successful day, well done :blush: x

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Thank you!

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Looks very healthy! Definitely got your 5 a day there!

Carrots, green beans, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber, apple.

Hopefully very soon mostbod it will be voming from my allotment. The only thing I don’t have is an apple tree

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I was going to ask if you were growing something in your little propagator trays :seedling: it must be great to have your own allotment x

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I thought that was a box with take-away cake in it. Maybe dessert…? :flushed:

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Ooh, I never thought of that, yum :yum: x

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No, they’re little strawberry plants!