British Isles Celebrations [BIC]

Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes! Apologies for the late response it’s been a full day.

I love how many cat cards there are here! Loving the cute stickers and lots of stamps on envelopes to keep! xx


If I’ve missed any, I haven’t had any post in a few days!!


Happy birthday @Potatosium


Hello everybody,

I would like to ask for all your help, my friend Casey is turning 31 on 7th July,
it’s been a tough year for her, I won’t put why, she would like it to be private, but
birthday cards with nice messages would go a long way to cheer her on :slight_smile:

I have made a post in the RAS section.


Hi @MailboxMagic
You are welcome to share here. I would however edit your original post to say that your friend has given her consent for you to share her address publicly.
I hope things improve for her very soon.
Best wishes, Emma.

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It is my address, so all good

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Welcome to Phoebe, my first grandchild! Born last night In Hospital via emergency C-section.

8 lbs 6oz. All three involved doing well. So proud and happy! Charlesxxx


Awww Charles, congratulations to you all! And welcome to the world beautiful baby Phoebe :baby:t3: x


Massive congratulations @CEBooth ! I’m delighted for you all! A beautiful baby and a fantastic name.

Best wishes to you all,
Elisabeth :green_heart:


Awww congratulations Charles and all your family, what happy news! :gift_heart: Well done to Mummy (for the birth and also for having immaculate nails at the point of going into labour :rofl: )


Congratulations to your family @CEBooth
Really wonderful news :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you all for your likes and kind messages. It’s much appreciated! I’ve also had a couple of lovely cards: this one from Elisabeth @mwntimperial who wonders how long it will be before I am reading to my new granddaughter! Fortunately my other daughter works for Ladybird so she won’t be short of books! Lucky girl!

And thank you too Emma @EmmaG for this sweet PHQ card. I have seen the stamps but never thought I would get the card!
Thank you both very much! You are so kind!


Goodness me, that’s not had an easy journey! You’re very welcome Charles, congratulations again x


Works for Ladybird!? :lady_beetle: Best job ever!