Bring back 'traveled time' at a glance

It was possible to go to the list of traveling postcards and at a glance see traveled time. Now about two days ago it is hidden behind a button that looks like ‘play’, and for me it was the most important field. I must say that this was a very bad change. It if is possible, please give an option to put it back into a table as it was before.


I think it’s a bit of a bug, actually. That happens to me occasionally on other members sent or received lists. I’m not sure if it’s a browser or device issue vs a Postcrossing issue.

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It can be annoying, but it is not a bug. If a username is too long to fit the space intended (or sometimes the name of the country), all the columns can’t be shown in a single line. Therefore you will have to click that arrow to see the second line. What can be done? If there is a column that is less interesting for you, you can hide that column and that way create more space for the name.

Even if you wouldn’t do anything, once that card is registered, your list looks normal again. Then again, you may find the same arrow on your sent list :wink:


Perhaps there is a way to hide a different column, for me i would not mind pressing an extra button to see a user-name.

You can do that. When you are on your “travelling cards” page, click “Show/hide columns” and then click “To member”. That hides usernames on your travelling cards page. After that, when you need to see the username, you can click the ID-number.


That is completely not what i was talking about. I am not talking about hiding it from the page completely, simply making it optional, like ‘travel time’ is now.

That ist exactly what kanerva described.

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Not true. If you unselect the column it doesn’t move it behind the ‘play’ button, but completely removes it. I guess another way to make something optional, by that logic, is to stop sending postcards. This is not, in any universe, what i am asking for.

I am kind of confused what you are asking for.

There was a thing i was asking originally, but i see that there are limitations to the site design (width of all columns put together) which preclude that.

So here is the thing, currently when i select the following columns: Member, Country, Sent, Traveled, Image; and the code determines that the width is too much, it hides Traveled; i have no control over that, it just does so without asking me. Of course, i can manually turn some other column off, at which time Traveled will not be hidden behind the “Play” button. It would be great to have control over what is hidden, without removing it all together.

For example i would prefer to have a login name to be hidden if needed, but not removed, so that when it is not needed, it’d appear normally.

Can you take a picture/a screenshot of this ‘play’ button so we could see it and understand better what you are asking? Because I don’t know what this ‘play’ button could be…

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Sure, no problem

You can see it to the left of the card numbers. The mosaic thing is done so that i hide the recipients’ nicknames.

Is this what you need?

No, of course not. I have just finished explaining that.

Maybe it’s the browser on your phone or something else…

I have selected the same columns and nothing is hidden

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Mine also shows all the columns with your selection of columns. None are hidden behind the play/drop-down arrow. So as @grizzabella said, it must be a function of your personal screen space I think.

For me, that play/drop-down arrow only appears if I include the distance column as well…and then, as happens for you, my travelled column data goes into that drop-down.

I can’t see anywhere you could toggle to allow a choice of which column goes into the drop-down or second-line of the table.

Yes, I have read the whole thread…top to bottom and I was trying to help. But obviously I have no iota of an idea what you are actually asking for. I hope someone else can help you out. Good luck. :+1:t2::blush:


I have read the entire thread as well and still am not sure what you are asking. Also, I have never seen this “play button” on my account and nothing has ever been hidden.


There are 8 members from 6 different countries wrote their comments.
When all of us don’t understand the problem, I think the problem is the way you explain your problem :running_man: :running_woman:


Of course I have read the whole topic several times.

I just wanted to help by trying to bring in another aspect. :woman_shrugging:t2: