Bring back 'traveled time' at a glance

You want to see the travelling time of your cards, so you must click “traveled” button. To get it visible, you probably have to hide something else because there’s no room for everything.
By clicking those individual buttons, you make them appear or disappear from your page.
And to make this whole “play” button to disappear, click the grey area around it.

Does any of this answer your question?


I think what Volodya_VA is asking about is to be able to choose which column is automatically hidden if there are more columns selected than can be displayed, so that it will never be “Traveled” but some other one.
I don’t think that will be implemented, though, as it can easily be solved worked around by deselecting one of the other columns.


Yes, I think the system automatically hides some column and we can bring it back by deleting something else first. So we can’t control what is automatically hidden. We can just make new options after it.


After reading all the topic at least I found out how to “produce” that arrow/play button on my computer:

If I make the browser window very narrow, it appears on my screen, too.
Cool thing: If you click on the button, it shows you the information that don’t fit on the screen any more due to it’s narrow width:

I had never realized about this, seems to be new - or I never paid any attention to that.

By writing “hidden” you mean: The information appears when clicking the button?

I know that I struggled with the display of the list especially on my phone - the chosing of options what to display as many users explained in this topic before never really worked on my phone and I stopped trying more than a year ago, I think.

So: Sorry, I don’t really know what it was like before that change and cannot tell if I fully understand your suggestion. (Which doesn’t matter as I cannot do any changes for that, anyway). But at least maybe all those who didn’t see that “play” button before and tried to
help you understand the button now?!?

When I was still paying more attention to the list (before I gave up on that) I often thought it’d be nice to chose the order of information displayed, so that I could decide the order of the columns in that table - maybe put “travelled” first and then “country” - or whatever order I’d like to have there.

(I didn’t hide any of the information displayed in the screenshot, as you can see that anyway when checking my sent/ travelled cards in my profile.)

Could part of the problem that the OP is trying to view in a browser on a mobile device instead of downloading the app or whatever it is? I solely use a mobile device with the app and have never encountered this issue.

What App are you using?
I didn’t know there was any.

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No app, no mobile. An internet browser on a computer. The issue is described in the third post in this thread, and will probably not be resolved. I will be working around it by removing and readding columns.

It’s not exactly a Postcrossing app. That’s why I said “or whatever it is”. It is technically the Discord app for Postcrossing. When you download it, which I was prompted to do on the website, it looks like this:

It is meant primarily for the forums but it will also open the main site.

In any case, it works way better than opening the site in your browser.

I’m really grateful for this thread, so thank you. I use a laptop and this morning discovered the travel time column had disappeared. Great to discover I could change the display but keep all the info!

@Volodya_VA Depends on the lenght of information. Your card ending at 89 goes to a user with long username.

Username max is 20 characters. Differenth is the actual length of a letter. For example usernames with the max of 20 characters:


Countrynames have same influece. Short names, you can view more columns. Long countryname you see less.

Check this with your received and sent cards by selecting show 25 per page. Turn all pages to see a difference and discover what I wrote here.

Solution in Travelling cards section: wait until your card to a user with long username is registerd / and or long countryname.

Edit. Suportersbadge will make a username longer.