Blank front postcards - thoughts?

I have some blank postcards on the way, with the front that are blank. I tried looking to see if there was anything mentioned about these postcards, but I couldn’t see anything. Apologies if there is, I am tired this evening, there is a chance I could have missed it.

I bought them to draw on to send to friends, thought it would be a fun thing to do. My query is, how are such cards viewed in the postcrossing community? I am curious :slight_smile:


I personally love hand crafted cards! I make some every once in a while, but only send them to people who mention they like them in their profiles :hugs:


Oh thank you! I was not sure of the correct wording to use.

I always have a variety of these at home. For drawing, collages, stamping, stamp collages, watercolours or even sewing some nice fabric to them!

You might want to check this topic for lots of inspiration: Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art


Oh lovely, thanks for the ideas! :slight_smile:

I have some to use for handmade postcards.

So they are kind of like a larger version of ATC’s? How people decorate them I mean :slight_smile:

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If the card is a paper quality where you can draw on the front easily, it could also make for a nice traveling card (in an envelope) kinda like the doodlers traveling notebook crossed with the traveling postcard. If you’re keen on those games.

Yes, some decorate them like a larger version of ATC’s :smiley: The possibilities are really endless!

@sunnydays I don’t know what the card quality is like, they are still on the way. I would presume postcard quality. I will know more when they arrive.

@Cassiopheia thank you :slight_smile: I used to make ATC’s a lot. I like this idea, of treating the blank postcard like a larger version of ATC’s.


Then you might also like the ATC topic: Show Us Your ATC (Artist Trading Cards)

There are many forum games for handmade cards and some for ATC, too! :slight_smile:

I have glanced through that one, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

I wish I was talented and confident enough to make my own postcards! I love to receive handmade cards, but I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t want them - so don’t waste your talent on those people! Check the profile to see if the person values handmade cards, then go for it!

P.S. I would make my own if I could do it with a sewing machine!


Thank you :slight_smile: As I said, they have been bought so I can make them to send to friends. Though I will have to get some fixative, before I send them through the postal system. Don’t want my art work getting damaged (thought that might improve it! :sweat_smile: lol

I 100% agree with everyone above. Handmade post cards are the best!

I understand that these blank postcards are normally used for people to decorate, but to be honest if I were to receive a blank postcard on the front, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Maybe it’s to signify surrender or perhaps it’s a large city covered in air pollution. Or you could say it’s an image of a snow storm whiteout.


You can browse the mailart section of the forum for tips and tricks regarding glue, protection of handmade cards, what materials to use etc. etc. - it’s really helpful! :slight_smile:
Also, when I first started making my own postcards I watched a few tutorials on Youtube for inspiration.
But basically, you can do whatever you like, just like any other art project, only that these will be postcard-sized.

:green_heart: :fox_face:

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If you used some thick card, I think you could do this! Sew a piece the size of the postcard and then sew the postcard on (maybe by hand)

We all have our reasons for joining Postcrossing. First and foremost, it should be about sending and receiving cards, making connections and bringing a smile to the recipient’s face. Demanding wishlists can be soul destroying. Buy a card (or make one!) and send it with love!!


Yes that is true and thank you. I was just curious and seeking thoughts about this.