Show Us Your ATC (Artist Trading Cards)

Would anyone on Postcrossing like to show your own Artist Trading Cards ?

As for me, i have not created ones yet but i will later on after i get more inspired as i am a super newbie about ATC.

one question :

What sort of info do you include on the back of the cards ? I believe the front is made by your artwork.


hi dear!it’s me! l made these special size ATC for a pc lover who request them.

its my first time to make them so l am not sure whether they aremeet the requirements.
l just write my name and date in the back of them.
otherwise.l am still finding anyone who wants ATC.but it seems there are few people interested in them in this website :joy:
looking forward to appreciate your ATC!just do it!


Thank you for opening this thread! :grinning:

I haven’t made any ATCs yet, but I’ll be very interested to see your cards and to get inspiration and learn from you! :slight_smile:



your ATCs are really wonderful!

so, i managed to make my ATCs with the rubber / eraser stamps that i made by carving on message cards of kraft paper. they are smaller than the size of a postcard.

this is my first time to make my ATCs. are they any good ? are these considered ATCs ? :slight_smile:


wo!!they looks special and lovely!! l like them!
just little advise:
if you want to make them more complex.may be you can color the background.or just stick/draw some little decorations on it!

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i see ! thanks so much for a good advice :slight_smile:

if anyone wants to swap several ATCs in an envelope with me, please feel free to message me :slight_smile:

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swedish Julbock ( Christmas)


Here are some of my ATCs…



your cards are really cool !

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so i bought some packs of fancy message cards at 100 yen shops, like euro / dollar shops. each card is 5.5 cm x 9 cm. (centi meters long). is this okay in size ?

i plan to use these message cards for my ATCs of my carved stamps.


These might actually be too large - ATCs are the size of playing or trading cards.

Look here for reference. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes too bad it is wrong size.

The only “rule” in ATC is the size, which is 2,5 inch x 3,5 inch, so 64 mm x 89 mm.
Not much wrong size, but for people who keep them in trading card folders, it’s obvious.
Maybe trim them a little and adhere them to proper sized base so you get a nice frame?


I make a lot of fantasy themed ones in watercolor. :blush:

For the back I like to do 2 different ones . Do the interior of the front or do my official back.


thank you !
i now somehow managed to re-make my cards for my carved stamps in proper size of 64 mm and 89 mm :

matryoshka from Russia and a bird carrying a letter.

your cards are gorgeous.


@S_Tuulia thank you. Love the stamp and the bird carrying the letter .

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@VanessaBettencourt your cards are really beautiful!

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@einfachich thank you so much.:relaxed:

Your card are so gorgeous :heart_eyes:

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Hi here are two of my atcs


hello! @texvelis

i see you really enjoy drawing. i like your ATCs very much :slight_smile:

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