Are your postcards reaching Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Delivered but very slow. In April I received 3 postcards from the UK - one from official (71 days) and 2 from the forum - 40 days and 81 days.

I just received 2 card from the same person in Russia. One posted on 30/01/23 and the sender posted a second card on 09/03/23 and they both arrived this week at the same time!!

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Did you put stamps from Royal Mail on your cards, or did you choose stamos from Universal Mail? Universal Mail is notoriously slow.

Surprisingly mail to Russia from Malaysia has been reaching successfully many times recently and it takes only 40-50 days to reach there. (based on my data from other postcard exchange sites) That’s honestly super fast given that Malaysia ‘cannot’ send to Russia based on Pos Malaysia’s list

Add on: Only one card ever was expired, meanwhile there are plenty that expired for my own country lol


Hi all,
have you ever faced to an issue that your postcards heading to Russia are not being delivered?
I do not have this problem with other destination countries. But it really hurts you spend the time, excitement and money for sending the cards there without a bright future :frowning: :frowning:

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@DenaPribylova you can read the discussion in the below thread

cc @Bille


Well, your latest also took months to get there.
Yes, I had cards to Russa that never arrived, but I also had those to other countries including my own one and I accepted tjat as part of tje game.

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From Turkey to Russia 34 days and still travelling…

Hello @yudi , thank you! best wishes xoxo

Thank really helpful. I’ve only sent one, but business/other post is just not getting through according to UK press, so fingers crossed, hopefully it will.

Hi Florallle, thanks for the feedback. It’s based on experience of other friends, and UK Royal Mail sending general post to Russia (not hearsay), not Postcrossing, which (you’ve noticed) I’ve just started taking up again. Hopefully the one postcard I have in transit to Russia will arrive. Thanks for the reassurance, All the best, Michael

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Thanks Aina

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Didn’t think I could use any stamps other than Royal Mail; thanks Ralf I’ll look into that

Some of them are.
But some were forced to abandon postcrossing because these countries are expensive as compared with Russia

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I understand the situation in Ukraine I have two that have been sitting for more than 40 days going to Ukraine and as far as Russia goes I’ve received three postcards from Russia and send two both got registered.

I had a lovely message from a lady in Sevastapol yesterday who had finally received my envelope. So pleased it arrived safely


My cards sent to Russia take either ages to arrive or do never arrive. It’s sad but lately kinda annoying too because there are so many Russian Postcrossers and many of my cards never arrived. So i wont get one back either. I don’t like sending cards there…


I draw a lot of russian adresses and all cards normally traveling for 30 - 60 days, but some expire and some get lost.
I heard that cards inside of Russia usually are transported by truck, so that’s why they can travel for weeks or even months, but I’m not sure if it’s true.
I’m patient, because we can’t change anything about it and some miracles happen (the shortest travel time for a card to Russia was 17 days). :slight_smile:


Half of my travelling cards are currently going to Russia but until now all of them made it safely to their destination. Yesterday one of my expired cards to Russia was registered after travelling for 240 days, I was so happy! Funnily most of my presumably lost cards were going to USA


Very sensitive topic but i need to ask anyway.

Why the cards to russia has troubles to arrive?

I am new at this plataform and I already sent lots of cards to Russia. They dont arrive. Thats not funny.