Are there any teenagers here?

I am relatively new to this site since I have only been a Postcrosser for two months. Something that I have noticed is that there are not a lot of teenagers using this website. It seems that Postcrossers are disproportionately older aged. As a teen who is enthusiastic about receiving paper mail, its does feel lonely to be a Postcrosser.


I dont know if it helps but I started when I was 19. Lol.

But I am now 31. :joy::rofl:



Ive met many teenagers on here from India to China to foreign students in UK. Keep trying


I started when I was 17 years old and I didn’t feel myself too young :rofl: There are lots of young people here but maybe you haven’t met them yet. Welcome!


Yes, there are!
The youngest postcrosser I ever got to write to was four, the oldest was ninety-eight. And you certainly get anything in between :slight_smile:


They even had their own meetups in 2021: 5 August 2021 - [CLOSED] Back Again: Teenagers Online Meetup


Hey. I also wrote postcards to small children and I can say that I often come across students from China. I’m 18, Ukraine! Nice to meet you.


I will be 13 in a week but I feel like a teenager already. :muscle:
I started postcrossing when I was 8.


From my raw observation, younger postcrossers from big postcrossing countries are usually from Russia and China, from Germany I have seen older ones more, US is balanced. But ofc it’s just from my pov I have no data about it and I can be wrong :laughing:

I’ve sent and received cards to & from teenagers so you’re not alone. It’s actually great to see younger people still find snail mail as something interesting and fun, it’s not really a thing anymore in my place

In the end age doesn’t really matter in this case, I’ve received cards with many colourful stickers from older postcrossers (which I think it’s not really an old people thing :joy:), and plain cards from younger ones (which I think younger people tend to be more creative with their mail arts)

Youth has no age, same like postcrossing spirit :wink:

Hope you’ll enjoy your postcrossing journey and stay for long time :mailbox_closed:


My observation is similar! Definitely China and Taiwan, a bit Russia - I corresponded back and forth for a bit with a Russian 16-year-old. True that Germany tends to have an older demographic, or so it seems.

Overall, I came across loads and loads of teenagers so it doesn’t seem too rare to me. In fact it’s quite extraordinary to observe as obviously we older people grew up in the pre-internet era and current teenagers, well, didn’t :smiley:


I’m not a teenager but I do noticed that many Malaysian postcrosser are teens. In the anime manga fan club of this forum section we have 3 members from Malaysia who are teens and come from the same family! The youngest is 13 year old.

I think they like postcards more than stamps. Is it true that philately is attracting older aged group. When I go to post office, mostly the stamp collectors are in late 40s, 50s, 60s and many in 70s and a few 80s.

I feel uncomfortable at first to make friends with senior members but got used to them because they make me feel very welcome and friendly. They want to encourage the younger generations to continue the philately hobby.

I don’t think age will be a barrier in any kind of hobby. As long we share the common interest, it’s all good.


Recently some of my officials went to people under 20. there are quite a few but you’re right, more people are older :blush:


I’m 26, so not a teen anymore, but I started Postcrossing at age 16. :two_hearts: Back then I felt like the only teenager here, but nowadays I often meet teens. When I write them official cards, I always make sure to tell them that I still have the hobby after 10 years to encourage them to stay here. :relaxed:


Hello Jeff. I can understand your desire to surround yourself with your own peeps. It sounds like we have many young ones for you to connect with here. Don’t be too discouraged by older ones too, we tend to be very young at heart and are a wealth of information.
To all our young scribers, you inspire me, what a journey you have embarked on , so filled with possibilities. From a young lady today who still feels 16 most days…


I started pc as a teenager 12 years ago😂
But I started to use Forum only from this year.
As I know, many Chinese users are teenagers.


I too started as a teenager 16 years ago. I’ve sent cards to many Postcrossers who weren’t even born then!


I started postcrossing when I was15 although I’m not a teenager now😶.On postcrossing you could meet more people and gain more knowledge, you are not alone!In fact,There are many teenagers such as from my country.
Enjoy it:)


I’m 18, I Started postcrossing in August, 2021
Don’t feel alone friend, because there are so many of these age group, plus all the elders are so nice and generous:)
And I learnt so many new things from all the elders and friends from Postcrossing.
Ps. I have a penpal in US who is 12 :blush:


I am curious, @logisticsenthusiast *, do you mean that you feel lonely because you perceive there aren’t many Postcrossers of your age / you don’t receive cards from other teenagers? Or is it that you don’t have any friends in real life who are also into Postcrossing and written mail, and you feel lonely about being the only person you know who’s like that?

From my side, I am an early retiree and I love to get cards from people of all ages. It’s one of the few areas in life where we can freely “socialize” with others irrespective of when they were born. In my country, at least, it’s rare for friendships to be intergenerational. So it’s lovely to have a place where we are not divided by our age.

*fabulous username BTW


I’m not a teenager anymore either, we only recently got a PC. But my daughter writes postcards with me and she is 11, I hope that this hobby will last her and she will have her own account one day. Just to get to know the world and improve her English. :grin: