April 6, 2024 - Springfield VA Meetup: SPRINGPEX Stamp Show

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Hello Postcrossers attending the Meetup at SPRINGPEX!

Three weeks from today (Saturday, April 6), we’ll all be together, stamping our little hearts out!!! We have a complete group of 20 attending from a variety of cities in Virginia! If for some strange reason you are unable to attend, PLEASE RELEASE YOUR SPOT as we have a waiting list!


*Check the map for directions. It shows that we are to enter at the left rear of the high school. If you try to come in by the main entrance of the school, you will be wandering unnecessarily and we may never find you. John R. Lewis High School, 6540 Franconia Rd, Springfield VA.

*Check the original meetup post on the Postcrossing Forum for list of things to bring.

*Special note about stamps if you don’t own one. There are a number of companies that sell custom stamps. I’ll mention just one here @rileyprint.com. Try to keep your stamp pretty small as we all need to stamp on the left side of the postcard.

*Stamp Show will be in the cafeteria. Stamp clubs will have tables in the hallways and we will be in an actual classroom. Check in at the registration table and they should be able to direct you. I’m hoping to have some signs posted as well.

The stamp show will be selling covers, a different one for each of the two days of the stamp show. The cost is $3. A cover is basically an envelope with a graphic in the left hand corner, stamps in the right hand corner with at least one celebrating a special day or anniversary and a special cancellation stamp. Saturday’s theme will be the 250th Anniversary of the 1st Continental Congress and Sunday’s will be the 150th Anniversary of the UPU (Universal Postal Union). I’ll go into more detail at our meetup!

A number of our Postcrossers coming have never been to a meetup before. We’ll be getting acquainted, stamping the meetup postcard (at least 400), and sharing stories/tips about our experience with Postcrossing.

The Springfield Stamp Club is providing our meeting space at no cost to us, so if you chance to meet any members of their leadership team or those running the show, feel free to thank them. :blush:

My handsome husband, Gary will be greeting you when you arrive at our door. Although not a Postcrosser himself, he has helped me in many ways, indulging my frequent purchase of stamps and postcards.

Can’t wait to meet all of you in Springfield!!! suerae :blush:



Hi Marcie! I just sent a message out to the folks who are attending, including you! I wanted to make sure that you’ve seen the original post on the Postcrossing website/forum. You’ll find directions to the school there, a map of the school, list of things to bring, etc. I’d be glad to visit with you too. My home phone is 217-741-3147. Other than going to a movie late this afternoon and church in the morning, I’m around most of the weekend. Working on Postcrossing stuff right now! Sue :blush:

Hello everyone, can anyone exchange with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:? I can provide this special-shaped card for exchange, or a photography party card in Shanghai

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Question the postcrossing postcards for tje raffle, are the cards we receive in the mail or ones that have not been sent.

Morning!! The 10 postcards you bring to the meetup for the game should be ones you’ve received in the mail from Postcrossers around the world! I’d bring 10 of your favorites! Looking forward to meeting you April 6. suerae :blush:

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I can swap if you are still interested!

I need to remove my name from the meeting list for this meetup. I had an issue with my hotel reservations. I have already sent my stickers to one of the other attendees. I would still like my 20 cards if possible. I hope you all have a great time!

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Hello Postcrossers! Are you excited about meeting one another this coming Saturday??? Here’s just a couple of reminders:

*If for some reason you’re not able to attend, please let me know as ASAP as we have a waiting list.

*Bring all of your stuff - stampers or pen, 10 received postcards for a game, items for the free table, $$$ for meetup cards or Venmo!

*Check your map as we come in at the back left entrance!

The meetup cards came in last week and I’m pretty pleased with them!

suerae (Sue) :blush:


Hello there - so excited about the event. I do not have 10 meetup cards for the raffle. Would postcards from other countries acceptable?

I meant to say - non-meet-up cards from other countries acceptable for the raffle?

Hello Owney! Yes, the 10 received cards that I’m speaking of are any postcards that you have received from other countries through Postcrossing. Can’t wait to meet you! :blush:

@suerae Thank you so much for putting on such an amazing meetup today! As a relatively new postcrosser it was my very first meetup, but I heard others who have been around longer say it was the most organized meetup they’ve been to. Your postcard cookies were not only absolutely beautiful but delicious, your organization of the card stamping and games was great, and your prizes were fun and generous!

Thank you to everyone else for all of their goodies… @ave with the vintage stamps as well as everyone who donated to an overflowing free table! I had to tear myself away at some point… there was just so many amazing postcards, stickers, and washi!

I had a great time, and I’ll see some of you at the June 8 McLean event!


It was lots of fun seeing some familiar faces and meeting so many new folks this morning. Thanks again so much @suerae for all your hard work! Can’t wait to do it all again soon :wink: :yellow_heart:

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Huge thanks to Sue for organizing such an enjoyable event and for everyone’s good spirits as we stamped and circulated all those cards! So pleased to see that folks liked the vintage stamps, and feel free to contact me if you need any more at any point, I love sharing them with other Postcrossers. Cheers, Matt / ave

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I can send you one. Could you please send me your address?


Thanks but someone has already agreed to do that!

Wonderful meetup. Thanks for organizing. Nice seeing new and past faces. The postcrosding community is awesome. You can quote me on that.

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I was at the show yesterday and stumbled across the meetup room and was unfamiliar with PostCrossing. The man outside encouraged me to join and I’ve already sent out my first cards. Hoping I’ll have amassed cards to participate in the next VA meetup.


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Thank you so much for coming to the meetup this last Saturday! It was so much fun to meet all of you and we had PERFECT ATTENDANCE!

The Springfield Stamp Club couldn’t have been more excited about having us at the stamp show. They were very happy that a number of us joined the stamp club and visited the show! And…we were invited back for next year that very afternoon!

You can still sign up for the Round Robin and complete the Looking Forward questionnaire by using the QR codes provided at the meetup or use the links below through this coming Friday.

Link for Round Robin

Link for Looking Forward

Happy Postcrossing!!! Hoping to see you at NAPEX! :blush:

Sue (suerae)


Hi! I can also send you a meetup card! I’ll direct message you so we can exchange addresses. I’d love a photo party card! suerae