25 May 2024 - HESSENTAG meetup in Fritzlar - Feldpostamt und "Natur auf der Spur"

@shugal ich hab dir eine nachricht geschickt. Schau bitte einmal nach
@reiselustig dein Umschlag mit den karten geht jetzt auf Reise

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some (hopefully useful) updates:

  • Hessentagsplan: map of the various event locations
  • we will meet 11am onwards by POINT 27 - Feldpostamt der Bundeswehr am “Platz der Bundeswehr”
  • in case you can’t use public transportation, parking costs €10 flat per day for a standard car. Area P3 is the closest to where we meet. You can pre-book your parking spot here: https://www.parken-hessentag.de/
  • To date it is not confirmed, if a special-edition stamp “Briefmarke Aktuell” will be available for sale during the event. The decision is still pending. The stamps are normally sold by a “Privater Förderverein der Feldpost” at a higher rate than the standard postage rate and proceeds are generally donated to the Deutsche Kinderkrebshilfe.
  • Ample of Feldpost-themed and Bundeswehr-themed postcards will be available free of charge
  • The Feldpost will sell standard postage stamps and they will have a mailbox ready for our mail on site
  • One (or multiple) rubber cancellation stamps (CachĂ©stempel) will be available
  • FYI - local news clipping: Feldpost am Platz der Bundeswehr - scroll down a little to see the part for the “Feldpost”

Last-but-not-the-least: I am very much looking forward seeing you all!
If you need to cancel, please DO let me know! Vorfreude ist die beste Freude!
If you want to join or add participants - “the more the merrier”! There will be ample of seating. Food and drinks can be purchased in the very close vicinity.


Hi Julie,

I hope you are well!
Did you manage to put your trip to Europe together? Will we be able to welcome you at the “Hessentag-MeetUp” in Fritzlar on May 25th? If so, I am happy to move you from the list of tentative participants to the “confirmed” :slight_smile:

Looking forward seeing you, if not, have a safe trip!

Hi! Unfortunately I had to change the dates of my trip and actually won’t be making it to Germany at all. I wish I could attend but would love to receive a card from the meetup if possible.

Hi everybody, while scrolling through the article on hna, I figure we keep the Ehrenamtstag in mind. :wink:

Hallo, ich dachte ich hÀtte schon eine Mail geschrieben, doch ich bin noch immer in der Liste. Vielleicht mein Fehler. Ich kann leider nicht kommen!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ich habe gerade meine Karten adressiert und die Vorfreude steigt :grinning: