21 May 2023 - 19th Postcrossing Meetup in Quanzhou China

:world_map: CITY: QUANZHOU
:calendar: DATE: 21,May,2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14.30-16.30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Meet friends and write postcards together.

【Happy Postcrossing Zayton Go~!】
19th Postcrossing Meetup in Quanzhou China.

#Asking for the meetup card
Mail to @Postcrossing Quanzhou at Facebook or @postcrossing_quanzhou
at Instagram.
Thank you for all.

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Hallo aus Kiel in Deutschland nach China,
möchte jemand eine Meetingkarte mit mir tauschen? Ich kann Karten von diesen Meetings anbieten:

Ohne Meetingsstempel:

Ich hätte gerne
Viele liebe Grüße

First card is wonderful!
If you want we can swap.

Hi. Lovely meet-up and my birthday, I try to collect many cards with my birthday date on it. Maybe anyone like to trade with me?

here are some of my offer cards. at the bottom are also some Meet-up cards (most with signatures)

I have many more cards availabe for trade only not yet photographed - ask for anything you like and I will see if I can find it for you in exchange :heart: