21 January 2023 - Meetup for Colorado Springs//Front Range Members

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Colorado Springs, CO
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Pikes Peak Library District–Rockrimmon Branch
832 Village Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
:calendar: DATE: January 21, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME:10:30AM to 3:00PM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
Postcrossing is about sharing our appreciation for connection and mail through postcards. Postcrossing naturally creates community.
One goal for this meetup is to create community within the local members of Postcrossing.

Look for the sign in front of the Rockrimmon Library. Once inside, turn to the left and look for the “Meeting Place” sign above the door. There’s ample parking along with a grocery store and two restaurants nearby. There are restrooms inside the library.

We’ll use name tags to get to know one another. There’ll be space on the name tag for the year you joined PC, your card count and a favorite postcard theme, whether sent or received.

The commemorative postcard design is included here. Please reply with the number of cards you are interested in purchasing. Cards will be 30 cents each. I will order the postcards on January 6th, so please submit your count by January 5th at midnight.

There will be a giveaway/swap table for postcards, stamps and washi tape to share with fellow members. If you have postcards to share, this is a great way to do so. You might even find some you want in return. We will provide coffee, tea, and cookies.

There will be a group photo taken at the start of the meetup. Participation is your choice.

Each attendee will have an envelope with their commemorative cards inside. We will have tables set up around the room, where you can lay out your cards and people will move around the room to sign postcards at each station.

Bring your favorite pen or stamp to participate in the group signing. We recommend a stamp no larger than an inch round/square.

Periodically throughout the meetup, there will be “60 second pitches” where the PC members can promote businesses, gatherings, swaps, community events, and upcoming meetups. Please connect with me prior to coordinate.

We kindly ask you to not attend if you are sick. I’ll happily sign cards for those unable to attend due to illness and I imagine others will be happy do the same. Thank you.

Feel free to ask questions here or send a message directly to TallJTallA.

Thanks in advance for your interest in a Colorado Springs Meetup–it’ll be fun!

JoAnn (TallJTallA)

Here’s our sign in front of the meetup location!
This was the bonus card for the attendees. A little surprise for everyone! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Members interested in attending the January 21, 2023 meetup:
@DaniGeek 10 cards
@yobriannas 20 cards
@Mopothoper 25 cards
@marikapedia unable to attend
@earthumanimal unable to attend
@akdakota unable to attend
@carpediemkath 25 cards
@waydowneast 20 cards, unable to attend
@mangycat 10 cards
@Absurda 15 cards
@svadifari 10 cards
@koolblu unable to attend
@J-Lee 30 cards
@AbsyntheMinded 30 cards
@SpringsCara 30 cards
@sardeson 20 cards
@simonevision 25 cards
@EJGorski 15 cards, unable to attend
@LeftyLydia 5 cards
@toadly 30 cards
@eat_lift_hike 10 cards, unable to attend
@crainsm0827 unable to attend
@lilibetwenge 3 cards


I’m very happy to meet up on a weekend morning or afternoon.
Kathy Church

I’d be interested. Weekends work best for me

I’d love to attend and meet other Postcrossers in the Springs as well! :relaxed:

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Hi JoAnn,
I’m interested! I live in Trinidad and would love to meet other Postcrossers.
Paula (earthumanimal)

Hi JoAnn,
I’m interested in the meet-up.
Trinidad, CO

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Sorry about the duplicate email, the first one bounced back but then showed up in the thread…

To all interested,
Thank you for your messages here and through email. We are closing in on a date and place for the Colorado Springs Postcrossing meetup in early 2023. I love to see so much interest.

I will be in attendance with the Postcrossers on Saturday at Stanley Marketplace and trying to learn how to host a meetup! Stay tuned!

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I’m game! Thanks for reaching out! Never thought there’d be interest in a meetup in our neck of the woods…excited!

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Just marking here that I’m interested! You’ve already got me on the email list :smiley:


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Please keep me in the loop, too. Thank you!

Looking forward to it, JoAnn! Thank you.
Tammy (Mopothoper)

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I’m planning on going to this!

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Hi, I’d like to be added, thanks for the invite. I’d love more details on the format of exchanges.

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The exchanges that took place at the first (and only) Meetup I have participated in, were simply members who brought a selection of their postcards they were willing to share with the other members. It is not expected/required for anyone to share their cards. It is simply card swapping in person, completely optional. At the recent Meetup I attended, we just passed the cards around the table. We’ll have more table space available at the January Meetup and we might be able to spread out the cards available for swapping on a dedicated “Swap Table”. Excited to have you participate!

Hi JoAnn,
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

Oh Paula! I’m sorry we won’t get to meet you.

Let’s hope for a successful meetup—so we’ll have a second one! :nerd_face:

Thank you,

OH NO!!! It has been scheduled for the same weekend as the Denver Postcard & Paper Show!!! The show is on Friday, January 20 and Saturday January 21st. I will be set up there as a dealer and will not be able to attend. I am so bummed as was so excited about another meetup in Colorado. :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes I would love to attend!

I will be there!! I am also interested in purchasing the postcards. How does that work?