1 October 2023 - WPD Meetup in Ann Arbor, MI

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Ann Arbor, Michigan
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Ann Arbor District Library Pittsfield Branch, Muskrat Room
:calendar: DATE: 10/01/2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12-2pm EST
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Let’s celebrate World Postcard Day together! We will meet at 12pm at the Ann Arbor District Library Pittsfield Branch, Muskrat Room (Pittsfield Branch | Ann Arbor District Library). There is ample free parking adjacent to the building.

I’ll have 250+ of the official WPD postcards on-hand, free to participants while supplies last. AADL is also donating some postcards. Bring whatever postcard writing supplies you desire (e.g., pens, postcards, stamps, stickers, washi tape, recipient names/addresses). Hope to see you there!

If you’re new to meetups, the about information and guidelines may be helpful.


I’ll add this to my calendar. I’m not sure I’ll make it but I’ll mark myself as going, anyway. (Please let me not have a migraine on October 1!)


This is on my calendar. I will try my best to make it! I will be recovering from surgery, so not sure. (Detroit)

Thanks for organizing this! I thought about doing this several years ago but never pulled the trigger! I’m excited to meet everyone!



Thanks for letting me know about this. I will try to be there!

I’m really interested and should be able to make it. Are you selling WPD cards?

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I’m providing them for free to participants while supplies last! I am also investigating if the library will provide some of their excess postcard inventory (they made some cool ones this summer!).

Per library policies, “AADL spaces are not available for raising or collecting money. Rentals and reservations in AADL facilities may not be used to solicit or collect membership dues, or to sell a service or product. Admission may not be charged.”

Thank you for organizing the meetup! I don’t think there have been any since I moved to A2 in 2019 (COVID sucks :confused: ) If AADL has excess postcards that would be cool too - I really like their designs but can’t get all I wanted :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting everyone!!

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I am new to Postcrossing! But live in Michigan and am interested in more info. is this just a meet and greet? Do we fill out cards while we are there? Can you be from anywhere in the state? Any info is helpful
Thanks! Sally

Hi Sally!

This page has some FAQs and general information about Postcrossing meetups:

Short answer: anyone can attend, from anywhere. The planned activity is postcard-writing and socializing. Bring your own supplies, but we will have some postcards on-hand free for participants while supplies last.

AADL has agreed to provide some postcards!

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Woohoo!! How exciting!!

I’m so happy to hear of a local event!
That’s a bit of a busy weekend, but I will try to make it!

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Just realized that I forgot to make this post earlier: I’ll be there. I was planning on making a trip to Ann Arbor sometime in September originally; October 1st works for that instead.

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An additional update: I just ordered 100 copies of the USA design from Free Designs for 2023 World Postcard Day Postal Hug

I’ll be bringing those with me and offering those out for free too.

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Some photos from the library - lots of overflow space in the event we don’t have enough seating in the Muskrat Room. Bonus: some AADL postcard sets donated for the event.

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I’m in western Michigan and will do my best to attend. Anyone interested in trading some cards from local local town? New Buffalo?

Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday! Here’s the current list of folks who have RSVPed (a few are ‘maybes’):

  1. @lisibit
  2. Kim Knoll
  3. @Chacucha
  4. @starshine52
  5. @ingahuff
  6. Susan Daniels
  7. @pixiesmom
  8. @alex_zhang
  9. @BigRedRoyalOak
  10. @nicolegearty99
  11. @beatriceh
  12. @cisne17
  13. @stodoroff
  14. @gardenfaerie
  15. @Cassildra
  16. @jumapi
  17. @writtenonairplanes
  18. @StampAndSend
  19. @AccentOnHakes
  20. @jhawkins
  21. @JunkInYourCabinet
  22. @skissman
  23. @KQ
  24. @RandSton
  25. @crispyunit

Add me to that list!

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Does anyone want to trade cards with me? I will be at the Washington DC meetup. Send me a personal message for to trade addresses.