Zoom online meetup Oslo/Norway Sunday 7 March 2021

Hello from Greece :greece: not all are from Norway … will go back one day probably…


Noted, sounds interesting

@Phibatola @Norway_girl
Thank you for the input I will try to attend I want to listen in :eyes:

Thank you so much for information. I’m from Italy and I’m interested to do my first meet-up. I’m new with postcrossing because I started last July.

Ciao from Italy🇮🇹
I noted date & time!
Thanks for organizing it!:blush:

A Siberian online meet-ups new-comer is signed in! I’d love to join your meet-up. :slight_smile:


Noted. I am interested.

Hey to all participants :slight_smile:

I am going to design our meetup card and on the back of the card we want to print the stamp/signature of each participant - for those who like to share their stamp/signature, please send a picture on a white ground to me via email (scandinavian.traveler.postcards@gmail.com) before December 31st :slight_smile:
I see that we are going to be many participants, so if you have a small stamp/signature - it would be fine :wink:

Meetupcards are supposed to be ready in January and then everybody can order it from me :slight_smile: I don’t know the price yet, as it will depend on the total amount of cards :slight_smile:

Wishing you all a good christmas time, a happy new year and see you on Zoom in March :slight_smile:
And most important … please stay healthy <3


Hi, i would like to join this meeting :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome, will send you my signature/stamp tonight. Hope you manage to leave some room for a personal message on the card, even though there will (hopefully :blush:) be a lot of signatures.

Nice that so many are insterested in attending this online meetup.

@ScandinavianTraveler Looking forward to see your meetup card (will send you my signature stamp, the small one :- :grin: )

thank you @ScandinavianTraveler for your work! I will send my stamp - hopefully not too big! - by the end of December :slight_smile:

Hoi Marit,
I’d love to join this on line meeting and I’ll send Scandinavian Traveler my signature.
Thanks for organizing !
gr, Ellen

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Noted! I’m interested. :smiley:

I would love to join this meetup.
Have you put the link to join the zoom?

Hello from Greece

Can you count me in too?
Looking forward to see you all


Hello from Germany,
I would love to take part as well.
Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:

Hey, hey,
I will meet you all you friends of postcrossing and I would be happy to meet you during the zoom meeting in Oslo. See you friends. Greetings sends Hanns

Here we go - It’s December 30th and I have a first print of our meetup card. I thought it might be nice to have a card with Norwegian stamps… and on the backside we find OUR postcrossing stamps.

Until now, I only received a few stamps from you. I can see that many more participants want to take part in our meetup in March - if you want that your postcrossing nickname or stamp should be printed on the card, please send it to me no later than January 10th :slight_smile:

I want to order the cards by the middle of January and if you like to buy a few cards from me, please let me know :wink: I can also send the cards to you by snailmail :slight_smile:

Wishing all of you a happy new year & stay healthy


I like this special card :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy New Year to all and I hope there will be much more signatures of the participants :slightly_smiling_face:

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