Your Most Favourite from Japan?


Which is your most favourite card image from Japan? It does not necessarily have to be the one that you received. It can be the one from your wall of favourites that you have not received yet as a card.

As for myself, I cannot choose only one, I chose two :


I really like JP-759668! Black and white pictures like this one are amazing. Does it have a hidden story behind it?
Speaking of black and white pictures, this one is also among my favourites

I also love this one with old Japanese adds:

And I have no idea of what this is about, but I like it!


Love those ones :



I am not sure if there is a hidden story behind it. The photo was taken in around 1950s. It is not the photo of a real family. I forgot the photographer’s name. I have this card at my parents’ place, so I will let you know his name next time I visit my parents.

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This is one of my absolute favorites.
It’s such a calming and peaceful image.

Among the officials I received this is one that stands out for me.


From Japan I have 5 cards all are beautiful but my favourite is the one in the link received from ErikoMikami.Thanks again Eniko for your selection:

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Some of my favourite :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I love Japanese Stamps too, they are so pretty :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Oh I forgot to add this one, also one of the my most special cards from Japan


Japan has so many wonderful cards and really lovely stamps!

These are some of my favorites:

And these two Gotochi cards:


Those are my favorites from Japan :jp::
Postcard JP-1197318 - My first Unesco WHS from Japan.

Postcard JP-1502945 Beautiful Okinawa islands!

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I had the pleasure of receiving this nice big Samurai card back in 2014

I have uploaded the picture in 2022, 8 years later.
The person who sent it, quit postcrossing I think.
I have the card hanging somewhere in my room.
I really love it.

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This is the package of this snack food. They are very tasty.


The cat postcards are part of the “Tabineko” (meaning “traveling cat”) series, and there are pieces for each of the four seasons. I collect them. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for the information. I go to google straight and they are so cute :heart_eyes_cat:
So total is 4 set of 12 postcards?
One day if I ever visit Japan I would love to buy all of them for my collection.
Are they sold at specific space?
I love this one in very particular. So cute and so much detail :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: It has so many things that I love: cats, shops, flowers, daily lifestyle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was curious too, so I did a TinEye image search and found that it is the cover of a photography book by Shoji UEDA (1913-2000) called Sand Dunes / Seasons of the Children. The story of the book (via Google Translate) can be found on this page:

If you want to learn more, I recommend you Google his name in kanji – 植田正治 – and put the results through Google Translate.

P.S. There’s a very nice YouTube video of the book here:


There are soooo many exquisite postcards from Japan! My favourites include this one:

And this:

Also virtually every card by dosankodebbie, such as these two:

Lastly, this one gets special mention as the puppy (a corgi?) reminds me of Queen Elizabeth :smiling_face_with_tear:


Here is my favourite one. No idea what the text says, but that doesn’t matter. The view is stunning.


@postcrossingbali I don’t know if you can buy them locally but you can buy them on Etsy directly from the artist. I bought all four sets on Etsy. But beware the customs if the postal service checks your parcel. I had to pay a high fee :sob:

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@doryfera @Aguaroble

The name of the photographer is Shoji UEDA, yes! I do like the B/W photos by him.

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Of cards received via the official website, this is my absolute favourite :blush:

I cannot choose between the cards I received via the Forum, because all of them are wonderful :heart: This is just a small selection:

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This is a self made card I have received, The one I love the most from Japan. About others I cannot pic one, there is so many I could say the best.