Your greatest cards that never made it

this cute easter bunny is travelling now for 11 Months and will expire in March. So sad it never reached china. as the reciver is still active… I hope maybe it is only delayed and will evenually after falling off the system still reach its destination or even before… who knows ^^ there is still some hope for it.


This postcard has been travelling for 353 days so is about to fall off the system. When I sent it, it was to a new member in Russia. They’ve registered postcards every month, so are active.


This card will fall off the system on 7th of March :cry:

However I was lucky: From January to March 23 I had only 3 expired cards - and then none until November! There are still 6 travelling from December, but I think the first 11 months had a good rate!


My spring card from February 25th 2023 to Italy (DE-127613xx) and card #49 of all my cards:

It seems to have gotten lost on its way :cry:

Goodbye, sweetie


What a shame. It’s so pretty.

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The thing about sending out a special card, that you’re particularly attached…is that if that card doesn’t make it…you remain more frustrated than usual…

This one went to Russia and it has been travelling for 281 days. Dr Who, Daleks

This one went to the USA and has been travelling for 290 days. Illustration by a local artist

:broken_heart:I will hope until the end they may still arrive :raised_hands:t2:


I have 2 more that have been travelling for a very long time.

This one has been travelling for 356 days, so will fall off the list in ten days.

It’s to someone in Russia who logs in occasionally, but rarely sends or registers postcards.

And this one will fall off the system in 22 days time.

The intended recipient in Belarus has been more regularly on the site, registering postcards.


I especially love the second one - soo beautiful!! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ready to say good bye
To South Korea, last seen 11 months ago


96 days to Belarus. I hope my partner has received it as they study architecture.

And this funny one hasn’t been reported in the US after 266 days…



the top one has made it. Unfortunately, there was no Hurray-message and she did not favourite it :pensive:. I thought it was the perfect card for a student of architecture. Still, I’m happy it has arrived. :+1: