Your favourite stamps from your country

Do you have some stamps from your country that you think are especially pretty?

Lately, I’ve been into these EUROPA stamps about mail transportation, made with paintings from Maria Keil. I adore the paintings, and was delighted to discover they had recently been put into stamps.

What about you? Which stamps from your country are you fond of?


I love the Solar System stamps that IndiaPost issued in 2018. I still buy a few sheets of them whenever I can but they are so hard to part with.


Oh wow! :astonished: That’s a really nice stamp!


My most favorite 2020 stamp from Russia is that stamp with the Rzhevsky Memorial (The Memorial of Rzhev). I love the memorial itself for the composition, and I adore the stamp for its design. It shines when light comes on it, becomes more silver. It was very difficult to part with these stamps, but my wish to share such beauty with the world was stronger :sparkling_heart:

And I can’t forget about this stamp, because it is the first Russian cinema stamp! Maybe, of course, many years ago there were stamps with cinema, but neither I nor my friend don’t know them. I haven’t seen the movie yet because of the coronavirus, but I hope to do it at home online later.


My current favorite from the Philippines is the recently released stamp set honoring COVID19 frontline workers. I love how they are depicted as modern day heroes. I think the comic book theme works really well with the concept :slight_smile:


My currrent favourite stamp from Germany is the Loreley on the river Rhine, issued 1 Oct, 2020


Both are wonderful stamps

I really love this superhero battle minisheet. It was issued on April 2019 to commemmorate 100 years birth of R.A. Kosasih, The Father of Indonesian Comic


I don’t really have favorites from those that are available right now, but I really did like these ones and still feel bit upset that they are not selling them anymore:

And these I really liked too, but of course they stopped selling them too (all my favorites just disappear :frowning: ) I have only few of the 1 kr value ones left.


I have to admit I pretty much ignore all stamps with values over €0.95 (current international postcard postage).
I adore the sky events series they issued a while back!


These are all so good! :heart_eyes:

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That‘s absolutely gorgeous!

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I love stamps with landscapes, and the USPS had this one released recently, but unfortunately it is $26! :crying_cat_face:


What is the purpose of this stamp if the value is very high? Can you use it for registered mail?

one of my ever favorites stamps in finland is this “candy industry” -issue of 1991, with candy called “kiss-kiss” :candy: the candy itself is classic, not to my taste, but it´s cute :grin:



It is a Priority Mail Express stamp. I have never seen one in use, however — I have only seen the Post Office generate an ugly label. I wonder if they are mainly for collectors, as the series are incredibly beautiful.

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Probably for collectors. We also have beautiful, high value stamps which I’ve never seen anyone use for mailing. Like this year of the pig stamp with gold foil.


This is my definite favourite. It is from 2006 but it is still available on the Poste Srpske online stamp shop.


I like any of my countries maxicards. People also seem to really appreciate this type of postcard when I send them.

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I love the Lorelei stamp! I received a postcard from Germany the other day with one on it. It’s beautiful, and I love the old legend.