Yarn on Handmade Cards?

I’m very new to the postcard world, and haven’t done much crafting in, well, ever! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m trying to create some handmade cards, and couldn’t find any clear policy on yarn. The attached pics are a couple of options I’m testing on a scrap postcard. Think either/both styles would make it through the post? Suggestions on making this work?


Cool ideas! I haven’t tried that exactly, but I would say no - I’d put it in an envelope. There are many machines that our mail has to go through at high speed & I think there’d be a good chance the yarn would get caught & either rip the card or just send it into the special handling or damaged/scrap mail bin.

You could try sending a few to yourself & see what happens.

But let’s see if anyone has had different luck.

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I have received cards of both options without envelope. But I prefer something almost like the 2nd option for my own handmades. I use it to sew knitted pieces onto the cardboard. I usually don’t use an envelope. It’s really not necessary.


Wow these are so cute!

Thank you :relaxed:

they are wonderful!

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I love those! Would you swap one (for another handmade card)?

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If I received something as wonderful as what you are sending snagged and torn by the postal machines, I would be so sad…

If you draw my address someday, please please please send me one of these amazing cards and if you can, use an envelope for this treasure!

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I have sent these without envelope:


I hope to remember it :smiley: but if a profile wishes for an envelope I always use one.
I think there are 2 groups of postcrossers. Those who like travel marks and those who don’t. I sometimes was a little sad when I received a card in an envelope that might have done it without too. But it’s OK for me now.

Oh wow :heart_eyes: beautiful! Are they hand stitched on cardboard?

Thanks :smiley: yes they are hand stitched on cardboard. I saw that on a crafts fair a while ago and couldn’t resist trying it.


I made some Christmas cards too, but these are folded cards so they were sent in an envelope.


They are amazing
I absolutely love them
Esp the horse

I really don’t have a preference. In an envelope is fine. Abd without an envelope is fine too. I send handmade in envelopes because I spend hours painting them and I don’t want them ruined. But I understand either point of view

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