#xtremephilately (or, putting stamps in the real world)

Has anyone here ever done #xtremephilately? It’s basically when you take a picture of a stamp in a physical context that makes sense to it. Here’s an example I’ve done some years ago:

Souto de Moura is a famous Portuguese architect, and he designed the Paula Rego Museum, which you see in the picture and on the stamp.

Putting the stamp next to the building featured in it is a classic of #xtremephilately, but with some stamps you can be more “meta” or make a more obscure connection to the topic.

I know some people in the community do it… but I’d like to see more examples of this from all over the world, if you feel like joining in the challenge! It’s an interesting way to travel with philately. :slight_smile:


That is an incredible idea or thing to do. I am unsure if I should thank you for sharing this or if I should blame you for making me think about a way to do it.
I don’t live far away from some lighthouses featured on German Stamps. So now I have to find a way to take a picture and in the same time convince my husband I am not gone completely crazy over all this „strange postcard thing“ I am doing. :crazy_face:


That’s brilliant — tell him it’s a big thing, and all the cool kids are doing it! :smiley: I look forward to your adventures!


I have done extreme Philately but it was not stamp, but it was my city’s old school which is transferred in Museum, and Pictorial Cancellation of it on Postcard)
Hope you like it)
Mahatma Gandhi Museum located in Rajkot


Philatelic meetups in Verona have these wonderful postcards
(not sure who to credit - probably @jupie, @ilare_ilaria_ )




hi, thanks, both cards are based on an idea of @ilare_ilaria_ and on a shot taken in Verona (Italy) by me :wink:


I love this thread, as freelance photographer I did similar things in the past and I think it is wonderful!!

here is one of my fav meetup cards ever:


I took a lot of #xtremephilately photos, this is one of my favourites, in Cregneash, Isle of Man.

This is my #xtremephilately map


Wow, that’s brilliant! I wish I had a meet-up card like this.

Yeees, I’ve done one like these :smile::

@ Wernigerode town hall


I love this and want to see more, too!!!

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