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Hi everyone! I noticed there wasn’t an “English corner” in this section of the forum for us non-French speakers to interact with the French community… So I thought I might start one :wink:

This is a place where you can ask French postcrossers for help, or just chat about French topics in English. Enjoy!


So here’s my first question for the French community in France:

We plan to order stamps (commemorative ones) in advance for using to send postcards from France.

Now we’ve seen at the LaPoste website that there are stamps with imprinted values (for international 1,65€ and 1,50€), but also stamps with imprinted destination (“international”, “lettre verte”, …)

Now we’d like to know if it’s possible/allowed to combine those stamps for sending mail until you get to the correct value for international mail, that seems to be 1,65€ at the moment.

For example:

  • Can we use the 1,50€ stamp without any extras or do we need to add 0,15€?
  • Can we combine stamps like 1,16€ with 5*0,10€ for reaching the correct postage?
  • Can we use one “lettre verte” with 5*0,10€ for reaching international postage?

Thanks in advance for helping us!

Hello !
Here are my answers :

1,50€ is the 2021 international price. You need to add one 0,05€ stamp and one 0,10€. You can buy them on the website too.

Yes you can ! The total price has to be at least 1,65€.
Some users say “letter verte” is not for international mail but I regularly send these stamps to anywhere and it works.

The only doubt I have is when you send a lettre verte stamp without the value on it, and other 0,10€/0,05€ stamps with price on it. I already made it so I guess it’s okay but I’m not sure if I was lucky or not :woman_shrugging:t3:


Thanks a lot for your answer, it’s very helpful for us!

If there is no value on the stamp, it is the current value that is considered to be OK, not matter when/how much you bought the stamp. For example, if you have a lettre verte stamp bought last year at 2021 value (1,08€), and you use it today, you have to add 0,49€ to send international mail (1,65€ - 1,16€ ie current international value - current lettre verte value).

Be careful, there are 2 domestic values : lettre verte (currently 1,16€) and lettre prioritaire (currently 1,43€).


do I understand it correctly, there is no difference at la Poste for international letters or postcards and I need the violett 1,65 stamp for a postcard to outside France?

Bonjour !

Yes you understand well :blush: Same 1,65€ stamp for international letter or international postcard.


Merci beaucoup, than I knew, what I need :slight_smile: Sadly, I have now some trouble to get access to the La Poste-Online-shop to order stamps.

Hi @Schwarzwaldalex .

We tried to order stamps from the La Poste online shop as well but as far as I know La Poste doesn’t send abroad. Does anybody know if that’s correct?

A year ago I had signed in but forgot the password, the remind e-mail don’t came through, another adress also had no success. Maybe they don’t send to .de-adresses?

No idea if la poste sends abroad but I go to the post office tomorrow so I’ll ask the question.

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It seems that they send internationally : Frais de livraison. :thinking:

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Hello everyone !

The postal clerk said it can be sent as long as one creates a customer account on the website. It is necessary to order online.


Many thanks for the great information @Mistigri :+1: :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :blush:

Thanks from me too, but it seems, that la poste don’t like me. The registration-mails are not coming :frowning: As much as I love France, I don’t get warm with the language. But now it looks like that I make myself a honk at the bar/tabac, when I am crossing the rhine and try to buy timbres personally.

Hello @Schwarzwaldalex
Have you tried to create an account from another mail provider?
I would not push for Google, but with gmail it works, for example.
And if that not works, maybe you can create a free mail account on laposte.net but I understand this can be complicated for non french speakers :smiling_face_with_tear:

Does the French Post actually publish and use any air mail labels like these? I haven’t found them on the La Poste website.

It’s becoming really difficult to find them, I’ve never been able to find them on the website. It’s free and they don’t send them when you order stamps for eg.
Sometimes you find them in post offices, mostly big ones with a lot of traffic and enterprises.
Also in Espaces Clients Pro (post offices dedicated to enterprises, but everybody can go there) It’s near some big post offices, sometimes.

They say it’s not anymore mandatory (no more economy mail for international destinations) therefore they don’t give them easily.

Another thing is that it’s not called anymore Par avion, but prioritaire/priority.