WPD files for printing

Hi folks!

My friend and I are new to PC in the past year so 2023 will be our first world postcard day. We’re arranging some WPD workshops at a local library and I’m going to be printing out copies of the official card to hand out.

I wanted to also print a few copies of different 2023 designs, along with some designs from previous years as a bonus to hand out a few postcard goodie bags.

Does anyone have any digital files they’d be willing to share? :smiley:

I’m also very happy to do swaps of postcards in the mail too if anyone is up for that! But my main goal is to find some other designs I can get printed before mid-September.



Please make sure that any of the designs you print that use the WPD Logo have the attribution on them

The World Postcard Day Logo is available under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. This means you are free to copy and redistribute it in any medium or format, as long you include an attribution to “worldpostcardday.com”.


Thanks mundoo! We had no intention of printing any images without the attribution :slight_smile:

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Well here are some lovely offerings of Postal Hugs for WPD from Eng & Christina in Malaysia

Postal Hugs 2023 from Eng & Christina in Malaysia


Some people are sharing their own designs here :arrow_down: and might be willing to swap or share their digital files.


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