Show us your World Postcard Day 2023 designs!

This is mine :slight_smile: I’m by no means an artist but I enjoy drawing and Postcrossing so I thought I’d join in!


sooo cute @redharry Love it a lot :heart:



Letter birds, I love it!

My design for this year came back from the printer, so this is it:


@Wolfsmondfee thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and amazing postcard. You did a great job! I really like it and can already feel the warm postal hugs everyone will experience after opening the letterbox and taking this card out of it. Thanks for sharing such positive moments via your creativity and passion for own designed postcards.

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I appreciate all cards, but this one is definitely my favourite :heart_eyes:

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That’s awesome !!

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Please all keep in mind that this is not a swap topic.
If you want to trade cards please look at #trades-requests-offers:postcards

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Your card is a masterpiece :smiley:

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@Wolfsmondfee Oh this is LOVELY! I would be positively delighted to receive that card in my mailbox. Well done!

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I know there are people out there who enjoy my “Grumpy Cat” postcards, so I persuaded him to star in my design for this year’s WPD card:


This card is by no means intended to mock this year’s motto, it’s just my personal interpretation reaching out to other introverts (and people with a weird sense of humour) like myself. And I hope that those who are going to receive one will understand and get a good chuckle out of it.

Since I can’t afford to print and send large quantitities, it’s not up for swap.

:green_heart: :fox_face:


I love it! :joy::star_struck:

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A round-up of World Postcard Day winning designs from 2020 to 2023, which includes the disqualified entry by @illustchloe and the newly-declared winning entry by @lisasaputra

Just a thought: would be nice receiving the disqualified postcard not for its design, but for the, well… infamous story behind it. It’s now a collectible, don’t you think? :blush:


Just beautiful Har <3
Loved it.


Hey guys, Its so lovely to see so many amazing works from different parts of the world. Every year, I create my own postcard design that I sell in my lil Etsy Shop :)) I have never participated in the contest yet but someday will hopefully do when I am ready. For this year, I went along with 3 designs that portrayed the Postal Hugs theme well in my mind. Hope you guys like it too. I am sure celebrations have already begun for WPD in advance so have fun swapping the different postcards you find in our community.
Love, Geet


My third WPD design… sending from New York.


Dear fellow postcrossers,
this is my submission. I thought, as giraffe and penguin live far away from each other, this would be a nice way to show how to connect through postcards, despite the distance. I think these animals are cute and I also like, that you can’t determine the gender (at least in my drawing, haha). Thank you for the opportunity to share the submissions! I enjoyed all of them a lot! <3

Best wishes!

P.S.: If you want to use it or print it, feel free to do so (uncommercially!) :slight_smile: Just make sure to give me credit:

Thanks a lot!