World Postcard Day sending limits on Postcrossing

Hi everyone!

Just opening this topic to let the community know that this year there will be a limit on how many addresses can be requested from Postcrossing during World Postcard Day.

First, some context: as you can maybe guess, Postcrossing was not designed for peak days like this. While having a record day is fun, it is also very stressful: at some point, there just aren’t any more addresses to select, and we came very close to that point last year. This year we fear the problem is made more complicated by the fact that World Postcard Day falls on a Sunday, a day where usually there is no mail delivery in most countries (and thus, even less addresses get thrown in the selection pool).

And so, to try to ensure that everyone can send a few postcards on that special day, we’re setting a limit of 10 postcards per account during October 1st. If you only have a couple of slots available, you’ll be able to send a couple of postcards. If you have 5, you can request 5 addresses. But if you have 10 or more slots available, you’ll only be able to send 10 postcards on October 1st.

We hope this will help everyone send some postcards on the day, and that we don’t run out of addresses to give out. If your account is inactive and you’re owed some postcards, consider setting your account back to active on the day, to give the website some more wiggle room.

Naturally, this does not mean you’ll necessarily be sending less postcards! The World Postcard Day goes beyond Postcrossing, and we encourage you to reach out through postcards to people you don’t normally mail them to: your family and friends, your co-workers, your neighbors… and everyone who could use a little postal hug. It’s the perfect day to spread some cheers through the postal system!

Fingers crossed that this will be the year that Paulo will be able to enjoy World Postcard Day without constant worries about servers and algorithms! :crossed_fingers:


Before anyone asks, the limit will be in place on October 1st — in both your timezone and UTC (same timespan as the badges).


Makes perfect sense. But this should have been announced ealier. Now I have already ordered 15 cards (for all my 15 slots) and cannot use 5 of them. :cry:


I suggest making it a goal of sending those five postcards to unsuspecting friends who could use a surprise and a little postal hug! Also, remember you can always send them ahead of World Postcard Day, so that they arrive October 1st and make the recipients happy! :slight_smile:


You can arrange swaps, or send to someone as a surprise.
Maybe for a person who never gets mail, a child who will love their own card, someone who will appreciate good old mail?


Also, in worst case, if there is no limit, it can happen that the addresses are used, and you could not send even the 10 :frowning:

This way more people will enjoy, and hopefully not too much stress to Paulo!


Does it make sense to delay registering cards, which one would received couple days prior to Sunday, so address can be out in the pool on most important day?

Also will it make sense to go in-active a week prior to be active again on Sunday, 1st October, again for more addresses in the pool?


That’s a nice thought, but if we’re talking about just a couple of postcards, then it doesn’t make a big difference. When I ask people to set their account back to active, I’m thinking of members who have a big deficit (maybe a few months inactive while continuing sending).


I totally agree, which is why I said the limit makes sense. I’m only unhappy about the timing of the announcement, not about the limit itself. I probably should have made that more clear in my response… :slight_smile:

Improvement request for future years
Dear Postcrossing staff,
please announce a limit for sending official Postcrossing cards during World Postcard Day together with the announcement of the official World Postcard Day postcard. That way everyone can plan sufficiently in advance the number of postcards to order for World Postcard Day. Thank you! :+1:


Sounds like a good plan — I will make a note about it! :slight_smile:


Sorry, it’s more clear when I read it again :slight_smile: my fault.

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@S_Tuulia No worries. These things just happen. :slight_smile:

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What if most of your requested addresses on this day ask for not sending any WPD cards?

Would you then ignore this request and send the cards anyway to avoid having any left over in the end?

Just arrange swaps or simply send them on the next day. I’m sure people would be happy nevertheless.


I’ve made a few regular penpal friends through Postcrossing so I figured a few to new friends and a few to my penpals.


Well I don’t think that’s a big problem. I’ll send 10 postcards on World Postcard Day, and since I have more cards from that day, I’ll send them the days before and after. Also at Christmas they will be sent throughout the month and part of the other.
Thank you and i hope things goes well


This is a very good idea to help ensure that we all can participate. :+1: I’ll set my account to inactive tonight to help provide some additional addresses! :blush:


That’s how I do it. relaxed.


My best wishes to Paulo to Enjoy and Relax this wonderful WPD day this year:) have fun writing cards with Little mail carriers))
And I was about to send 1 or 2 cards on WPD day so it’s not a problem))


This is actually, I good idea. I am owed several cards. Time to hit that inactive button until WPD. :laughing: :laughing:


They all go inactive. Afraid they are to receive such a card.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: