World Postcard Day Meetup in Baltimore?

Please comment if you’re interested and have any suggestions for venue and activities. If there’s enough interest, I’d like to start organizing an official event.

I’m interested! I can’t be of much help with venue because I live in VA and work in DC (but occasionally visit DC). You might get more responses if you post in the Meetup section of the forum.

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@Aliengirl Awesome! I’ve also posted in the meetup section as well. Thank you! As soon I get 5+ people interested, I’ll make it official.

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I am absolutely interested! I can’t help with the meetup place as I live around 40 minutes from Baltimore and don’t know too many areas, though a suggestion could be around the inner harbor area :smile:

@Aliengirl heya, just wanted to share the link to the official event. You can RSVP there.