World Postcard Day - Australia - 1 Oct 2023 - will you be hosting a meet up?

Hey Everyone

World Postcard Day is a Sunday this year - perfect for meet ups!

I thought it would be pretty cool to make a set of meet up cards for any meet ups happening in Australia. Then people could try and collect the set, and also we could swap between the different meet ups.

This could be a series of cards on a common theme, or a set of cards that join together to create a single, bigger image (that might be too ambitious for my graphic design skills, but would be fun to try).

If you’re planning to host a meet up, and would like to join me in this idea, please reply here and we can talk more about what to do.

I am tagging in a few people who have hosted meet ups recently - if you’re not interested, please just ignore this post and I won’t bug you again.
@1219Tina , @nards_Nuggles , @nephthys51

@Tinkatutu - I think you’ve talked about trying to organise a Canberra meet up before (if I remember right!) - maybe this is the time?


Thanks for thinking of me @helent. Yes, I’ve been procrastinating about hosting an ACT meetup for…almost two years now :rofl:. I feel like I’m moving forward because I’ve actually met one other Postcrosser here now, and have spoken with 3 or 4 others online.

WPD would be an excellent candidate for a meetup here, but I’m reluctant to commit right now due to it falling on a long weekend.

I’m a maybe at this point…which is probably no use to you. Sorry!

Your linked card idea sounds very cool though!

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What’s the long weekend? I don’t think we have a holiday down here. That might complicate things…

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My calendar says it’s Labour Day (2nd Oct) but only observed in ACT, NSW and SA on that day.

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Just list one for Ararat, details may change. I am open to ideas.

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I’d be very up for an ACT meetup on WPD! I’m happy to organise it too if there’s any other interest.

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The Meetup Category is only for already planned Meetups, so I moved your topic to here.

Hi Helen
We are having a Meetup on 2nd of September in north Brisbane but I’ll put out feelers to see if there would be any takers for World Postcard day :slight_smile:


Thanks @nards_Nuggles , @Midnight4225 and @nephthys51 for your responses.

Seems like no one has firm plans yet, so I will wait and see how things pan out.

I’ll go ahead with my plans, and if anyone wants to get involved, let me know.

The card design I have in mind is one that could be adapted easily to other places, so one option is I can make a design for anyone else who wants one, then they’d be linked in style (I’d prefer not to discuss designs ‘in public’, so message me if you want more details about what I am thinking).


Here are the cards I have designed for the Canberra, Melbourne and Queensland meet ups.

If anyone else decides to host a meet up and would like a matching card, let me know.