World Peace with Postcrossing? This YouTube Video shows how that works

A little while ago, I did an experiment on Postcrossing asking the senders of my postcards to reply to the question: How does Postcrossing enrich your life? The replies were somewhat heartwarming, so I did a live presentation during an event here in Germany. And just recently, I recorded a video in order to store and share the story.

The video is in German, apart from most of the replies, and I added English subtitles, so that more people can understand it. Do turn the subtitles on by clicking on the little wheel on the bottom right of the window.

I hope you’ll find the video inspiring and also worth sharing so that even more people learn about the beauty of writing and receiving postcards through Postcrossing. And of course to reach World Peace!

Here’s the link to the video:

I want to thank all the Postcrossers who have taken part in this experiment and who replied so openly.

Keep it up,



Nice video Gabriele! Yes, this is what Postcrossing is all about! :purple_heart:

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Ich gratuliere dir Gabrielle. Ein tolles Video und es beschreibt genau was ich auch empfinde :heart:

Congratulations Gabrielle. A suler video and it describes exactly what I also experience :heart: :heart_eyes:

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Gabriele, thank you so much for doing this and also for sharing it with us :heart:. It’s quite nicely done!

I don’t know about the World Peace part, but if we can continue bringing smiles to people, one postcard at a time, then I think we are all winners! :slight_smile:


It really is an honour, Paulo, to be part of such an amazing community like Postcrossing. And YOU are the one who started the movement. So, you are a shining example that one person can change the status quo and can encourage others to follow. You are a leader. Thanks for being you!

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