I need your help with school project about postcrossing

Hey, I am Ann. I am from Russia. And I am creating a school project about postcrossing. I need your help, what can I write about, what questions to answer in order to interest people in this. And tell me how you got here and what postcrossing gives you.


Hi Ann! I’m a current high school student and I found this through social media and joined early in the pandemic because I was lonely. I love connecting with people and this has been a great hobby for me to meet people and spent time writing and designing things to send. I would talk about some of the great people you’ve written to and some of the things you’ve recieved


Hello Ann,
I’m a high school student and right away when I saw your topic rushe to help. There’s a topic somewhere in Postcrossing about what we like in Postcrossing so it’ll probably be helpful to you.

You’ll find many reasons that people here love this site.
However, I think you should rather write what you feel about it yourself in your project.
If you need any more help, send me a message and I’ll be really happy to help you and even send you photos of postcards I’ve received in case you need them for your project :blush::blush::blush:
Love from Greece, Aggeliki :heart_decoration:


Hello Ann! Welcome to the forum!

These posts might help you get some ideas too:
Postcrossing interviews;
World peace with postcrossing;
And also this video Postcards that connect people (with English subtitles).

I got here through an old penpal I had, she mentioned the cards and all and I joined. It’s been an adventure since :upside_down_face:

You could write about the connection people make - some even meet in real life, become friends, get married… and how easy the whole thing is - for me is a wonder to be able to send send a little piece of paper to the other side of the world and see all the effort people make to complete stranges. Also, how fun it is, some find sending cards better than receiving! Also, the creativity it envolves, some people make there own cards with different and unusual types of material. And on a more practical side, people can practice some language they learn. People travelling without going out… putting a smile in people they’ll probably never meet… and so on.


I got to Postcrossing by attending a street fair. First, I purchased a craft from a vendor at the street fair. Second, I myself was a vendor at a different indoor craft fair where I found my seating area right next to the vendor I had purchased from at the street fair. I asked where his wife was and he told me she was walking around the other vendors looking for postcards. When she returned very excited to have actually found postcards, I asked her why she was so interested in them and she explained Postcrossing to me. I went home that evening, hopped on my computer and signed up within minutes. One of the best things to have ever happened to me!


My name is Kelly. I signed up with Postcrossing because of my brother, who has lots of interest in stationery, history, and international culture.
I love taking part in Postcrossing because I love the connection it gives people without asking too much time (much like a quick catch up with a friend!) – just a purposefully selected card and a well-thought message. I love ‘meeting’ new people and learning about their cultures, minds, families, personalities, lives, and opinions. I love all the different postcards – it’s fun to see everyone’s taste and what someone chose with me in mind. Whatever it is that lands in my mailbox, it’s a little piece of joy. On the flipside, what I enjoy even more than receiving these cards, is writing them, giving, and hoping that someone else lights up as much as I do when I see a new card in my mailbox.

Some things you could write about:
Favorite cards, weirdest cards, how Postcrossing encourages connection, literacy, and potential community outreach

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I got into postcrossing thanks to YouTube. I got a video about postcrossing in the recommendations + recommendations for registering on the site