Which is my most beautiful officially sent card?

I’m not sure if this has been asked before.

I always try to send beautiful cards but sometimes I feel my taste is different than other people’s. It would be nice to now what other people think of the cards that I send. So

Which do you think is my most beautiful officially sent card?

Let’s make this a tag game :blush:

Tag the person right above you and let them know which is their best card (or cards), in your own opinion.

  • Feel free to write a small explanation (optional)

  • Feel free judge more people’s cards from above. The more the better… (optional)


All your cards are beautiful and wow, you send nice cards from your trips
Loved the Vanatu cards)) and you got VU-100

But this one is my favourite

May be you made it or it’s your picture from receiver’s comment


@Hemang I think you’ve sent a number of beautiful cards so here’s one that I really like:

I know that India is a really colourful country, which extends even to the trucks, which I love.


@mooseontheloose all cards you have sent are great, these art styled card depicts the culture well and also with jataka katha




I’m a big fan of bee-eaters, so I’m going to say this one is my favorite of the many postcards you’ve sent :slight_smile:


tag @meiadeleite

Wonderful cards and photos!
I like this the most, from page 1 of your sent cards :blush:



I like this the most


I’m a big fan of night city views, so I like this one the most :slight_smile:


I think all of your postcards are beautiful but i like this one the most!


It’s really amazing :grin:


This great b/w street scene is my favorite :heart_eyes:


This one looks wonderful!


@m_in_cube World Postcard Day meetup card :tada:

Tag @iamfromhk with

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Tag @Moussette

To me this demure little cat is very beautiful!

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Tag @doryfera

I love this one:

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Tag @duck2006
I love this card a lot

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tag @Prithika
it’s really hard to choose, i like almost all view’s cards
but this more.

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I found some of the patriotic illustrations that you have sent to be amazing!!!
These three were my absolute favorites:

I find this card very artistic and also representative of what an receipient would like to see from Sri Lanka!

@Hemang: Postcard IN-542934 and Postcard IN-531961
Yes, this is a card from a photo I took :slight_smile:

@mooseontheloose: Postcard JP-1936622 (amazing) and Postcard JP-1922541

@Anurag: Postcard IN-524099

@Ludek: Postcard PL-1940967 and Postcard PL-1927936

@meiadeleite: Postcard TW-3497459 and Postcard PT-551084

@kei17: Postcard JP-1858258, Postcard JP-1588323 and Postcard JP-1588323

@Seracker: Postcard SG-397829

@Famarga: Postcard RU-8412268, Postcard RU-9610601 and Postcard RU-9438406

@eelkje_s: Postcard NL-5442911 and Postcard NL-5466842

@ARS6161: Postcard IR-7440 and Postcard IR-7768

@TanjaK93: Postcard FR-1635944 and Postcard FR-1584682

@m_in_cube: Postcard RU-3080640, Postcard RU-1920504 and Postcard AM-11488

@iamfromhk: Postcard HK-503451, Postcard HK-832578 and Postcard HK-833128

@Moussette: Postcard FR-1577892 and Postcard FR-1527941

@doryfera: Postcard CA-1017818, Postcard CA-1154709 and Postcard CA-1175808

@duck2006: Postcard DE-11558728 and Postcard DE-8695495