Which country is most prolific in writing postcards?

I like statistics and when looking at Postcrossing’s statistic page, I started wondering which country is most prolific in writing postcards - - if you adjust for population size !?

Here is my amateur breakdown (with a little help from Wikipedia):

Happy (and surprised) to see our neighboring country Finland is at the top; sad that Sweden didn’t even make the list :pensive:


It would also be interesting to see which countries currently send the most postcards, say in the last 2-3 years. It’s my understanding from what I’ve read here on the forum, that Finland used to be one of the top Postcrossing countries, but because of postal increases and cuts to the postal service, aren’t any more (though I suspect they’re still close to the top).


Yes, this was the total over all years, as I have understood. If Postcrossing provides the data I can of course display the stats over all years (as a lines diagram). Or maybe Postcrossing can add a diagram to the stats page? :smiley:


You can see it in the picture, #1 is Germany, more than 10 million cards, then Russia and USA, 7 million, then Netherlands etc. That’s the statistics for all time sent cards, and I’m quite sure it’s the same for the last years too.


Yes, of course. I’ve had repeated countries on since last year, and these are the countries I send to the most. :woman_facepalming:


In my stats Germany wins, and the second prize go to Czech Republic!


What I have understood, it’s not a big habit in Sweden to send postcards, in general I mean? Because here in Finland it is or at least it has been. We send millions and millions of cards for Christmas and for other occasions like birthdays etc. So I don’t wonder why postcrossing has become so popular here. But I have been wondering why it’s so different in our countries, we are so close and share the common history and other habits… But don’t share the same love for card sending :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


We Germans exaggerate sometimes. :see_no_evil: Would be great if other countries would outrun us a bit…


We are trying!!! But there are too many of you! :sweat_smile:


Sorry! :see_no_evil::joy: And it doesn’t help that we all are telling our friends about it, either! :sweat_smile:


I’m so sorry! Sometimes I think the same. :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry, Germany is a nice country, mail is usually quite fast to/from there :grin:


Yesterday, I visited the website of the German Post to see if I could buy German stamps from abroad, but in vain… However, I was surprised to find a short ad about Postcrossing at the bottom of a page about sending mail! This may also explain why there are many postcrossers in Germany, although there are proportionally more in some smaller countries.
I look forward to attending my first German meetup in April 2022. I hope I’ll be able to send lots of postcards at the fabulously low German fares (compared to the absurdly high fares we have in Italy for mail to non-European countries)! :joy: It won’t be as enthralling as sending 3-digit official postcards from San Marino :san_marino: , but my wallet will be happy! :smiley:
It’s true that I sometimes wish I’d receive fewer postcards from Germany and more from rare countries, but most German postcrossers meet my tastes and their postcards are delivered within few days! :heart_eyes:


German postcards :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


We also don’t have a tradition of sending postcards here in Russia, although it was very popular in the USSR (which is why so many excellent Soviet postcards have survived).
For me discovering Postcrossing was a joyous surprise, and there is an element of nostalgia in this hobby for people of my generation (I’m 50) :blush:


I’m trying my best to be at the top of that list, but I need more help from my fellow citizens. :rofl: My country is #64 by sent postcard.


for me all country the best. :rofl:


I made this exact topic a little while ago. :slight_smile: If you dig deep, you can see that Finland did, in fact, be more prolific…but now it’s all US, Germany, and Russia. (I haven’t updated the stats in several months, but I imagine nothing much has changed.)


My country (Canada) is not very active in Postcrossing. I’m not sure whether it’s because many of us have fallen out of the habit of corresponding, or if it’s because Canada Post is rather expensive!


Lately I find that I mostly send and receive cards to Russia and China. I do get a few from Germany and a scattering from some other countries. But it seems very limited lately. Curious as to what has changed.

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