Which country is most prolific in writing postcards?

For fun… Take a look on this page!!
Ranking by postcards sent (last 60 days) (postcrossing.com)

Germany 10 out of 10 :dizzy_face:. They really are diehard postcrossers!!


Surely the stats must be worked out per population…Germany has a large population and they love sending out cards BUT that doesn’t make them the most prolific. I get more cards from Russia and the Netherlands than I do from Germany though they are the three I get the most from. I jump up and down when I get to either receive or send a card to a little country like this week…Puerto Rico will be getting a card from me…YIPPEE!!!


This is mine for all time))

I agree!


I’ve noticed that I get a lot of postcards from Germany. Like, a ton. Yet, I’ve never gotten any from Finland. Also, what part puts Finland at the top of this list, since it looks like countries like Germany, the US, and Russia have higher numbers? Am I missing or misunderstanding something here?

The table is sorted according to the last column i.e. postcards sent per a million people in the country.

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