Where to buy postcards in New York

I will be visiting the Big Apple on the first week-end of July, guided tour bus from my hometown Montreal to New York. The schedule is very busy but we are supposed to have free time in Times Square. Can you recommend a place to buy original/different postcards? I saw the topic about where to buy postcards, I was surprised to see the museum of sex! Is it worth visiting? Can you recommend other activities that would be fun and not targeted for tourists? Thank you!
I :heart:NY

That is so nice. In the Times Square area, there are a good many shops that sell souvenirs (including postcards) so you should not have any trouble finding them. The thing is the most of these shops get their cards from the same vendor, so the variety might not be there.

I’ll toot my own horn here. I offer New York City postcards in my online store. Enjoy your visit to the Big Apple! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice! I would love to check your online store, can you share the address?

Hi! I’m from NYC and i agree with @cliffside - most of the cards you can get around time sq. would be similar to these (except for the shaped cards I came across in 2011 in one gift shop in downtown Manhattan which i’ve never seen again)
If you have time visiting Bryant Park - the gift shop at New york library carries some nice cards (they used to have Lantern press travel poster cards back in 2018/2019, but i’ve never been since the pandemic, so i’m not sure now).

Some other places i like to shop around for postcards:

  • Strand bookstore near Union square (card boxes, b/w photographic, illustrations etc.)
  • MoMa gift shop (art/illustration and b/w cards)
  • MET museum gift shop (art/illustration and b/w cards)
  • some random store in east village/west villages carry photographic cards (different from the normal view cards)
  • Liberty island / castle clinton / Ellis Island - If you take the ferry to Liberty island, stop by the gift shop where you get the ferry ticket, and also the gift shop on the Liberty island, and the gift shop on Ellis Island if you decide to make a stop there on your way back to Manhattan, all these gift shops carry nice tourist cards (had Lantern press cards before, not sure now…)

Hope it helps and have a wonderful trip!


My goodness, I could live in that store! 12 miles of books!


Definitely! It’s worth a visit no matter you collect postcards or not

Thank you so much @ConEtoiles

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