New York City Postcards

I’m visiting NYC next month and I’m curious if anyone lives in NYC or visits and if so how common are postcards to buy there? Do many shops have them? Also are there many blue postal drop off boxes along the streets?

You can check in here

I visited NYC two years ago and found tons of postcards, there are so many gift shops there and mostly all of them have postcards!

Yes, plenty of souvenir shops sell postcards, not expensive at all. Most of them are around Times Square and the Financial District. They are also sold at museums and tourist spots. There are lots of blue drop boxes around the city, you won’t have to search hard.

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As others have said, there are many places that sell postcards. I would share a different opinion about street boxes. I would avoid them. They are notorious for having their contents stolen. If possible find a postal branch and drop off your mail their inside in the slot(s).