Where to buy handmade cards

Can someone tell me where to buy handmade postcards? Like an etsy shop or something? Dont really want to pay more than £2.50 plus postage. Thanks

Maybe you just open Etsy or whatever service and enter “handmade postcards” and scroll through the results? :wink: You can use Google, too. I suggest “buy handmade postcards” as key words…


Great, thanks! Have a nice day

Hi Phil,
you may want to browse #communities:british-isles community and ask your questions there as well.
This is a topic that may help you:

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Maybe try Zazzle? or papersisters?
Or, Stationery Heaven mentioned recently in Postcrossing blog.
Also, have a look at postcards you receive. Maybe some producers might have something of interest to you?


If you can find one-of-a-kind handmade cards that you like for less than 2.5 pounds plus postage, buy them all! IMHO the maker is seriously undervaluing the cost of their labor, if not their supplies!


I’m an ignorant p**** at times, please accept my apologies. I need to switch on

You can make handmade cards with cereal/soda etc boxes…

Apology accepted, even though it wasn’t needed!

Actually, I have found really fun handmade cards for 50 cents to €1 each at our local Christmas market, they are made by children who use the proceeds to give to charity. (Of course, this was pre-COVID, when we still had Christmas markets… )

If you like any of my hand made postcards I would be more than happy to sell them to you and send them your way. I can also make you custom ones, I am not the greatest artist but feel free to check out my Instagram @thestationerypeddler and let me know if you like the style of if anything catches your eye. Would be happy to help.


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If you are interested I have postcards for sale.
Please check out my IG @ thestationerypeddler
I would be happy to give you a great price and send them your way.

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If you look at my “sent” items (ilzeb), you will see the kind of postcards I make.
Go to bluewavewords on Instagram to look at the other greeting cards I make too. You may have them at a reduced rate in order to cover postage.