Where can I donate unused postcards?

Does anyone know where I can donate unused postcards? I have thousands of postcards that I don’t need and will never be able to use. All of them are modern, not vintage, not smelly, undamaged and in pristine condition. I’m trying to downsize because we might move in the near future. I live in St. Augustine, Florida. It has to be locally because the two large boxes I have weigh way too much to be shipped. If I packed the postcards into large size flat rate boxes, it would be maybe 6 or 7 boxes. I can bring them to whatever location as long as I don’t have to drive more than half an hour or so. Or if someone could pick them up. I really don’t want to throw them away and waste them. Any ideas?


local charity/thrift shops is a good suggestion. i had often go to these shops to find postcards and it a good deal (i’m looking for postcards and the shop earns money for their store). good luck in finding a place for your postcards.


Do you mean Goodwill stores?

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yes, this is good but i find goodwill more pricy for things. as in my area, there are different thrift/charity shops (one is for money toward fixing dogs and cats, one is for the food pantry, one is for disabled adults). i am sure st. augustine must have more of these shops than goodwill.
nothing against goodwill!

Charity shops, thrift shops … would be happy with them. I, on the other side of this recycling circle, am always thrilled when I find cards like the ones you’ve described in my favourite thrift shops.

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If you can afford it, you can offer an envelope of 5-10 or more postcard to people on the forum, I am sure a lot of people would love them :love_letter::love_letter::love_letter::love_letter:


France-Montreal, yes, I can aford it, definitely. But I’m not sure there will be enough people willing to take them. I’ll give it a try and if I can get rid of them, I’ll just bring the rest to a thrift store.


I’m more than happy to take as many as you wish to send my way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll PM you.


I would love some too :heart_eyes:


I would have no problem accepting any unused cards!

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I would! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I googled thrift shops in Ft. Lauderdale and a long list came up. You could give them a call to see if postcards would interest them. I’ve found postcards at a thrift shop near me that serves offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community. There are all kinds of thrift shops out there.

I would love some :blush:

I would love some.



I just bought several postcard sets at our local Friends of the Library sale. They may be able to handle paper goods better than some of the thrift shops.

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Some Friends of the Library are forbidden to sell things other than books.

Check at your local branch.

I would also like some. Thanks for your generosity!

Like many have stated with the thrift shops. You might also try to offer them on craigslist rather than tossing them. You might also check with your local school system, I found many of them were more than willing to take outdated envelops and letterhead from our office that would otherwise have been tossed. Also the arts and crafts departments would most likely love them and be more than willing to take them off your hands.

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I’m sure a lot of people on the forum - including me :grin: - will happily relieve you of your postcard burden. :blush:


Sure ! :laughing:
I’m ready to, just It’s a pity that I don’t live in America :upside_down_face:

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