Where can I donate unused postcards?

Hello @venicesunrise, I’d be happy to take some off your hands! :wink:
Is there a school board office nearby? They might take on a big batch to distribute to classrooms where writing postcards could be a fun learning exercise.
Also: seniors’ residences, rehabilitation centres (addictions, children with disabilities), homeless shelters, etc.


I know I would take some, of you wanted to send some.

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Another idea (not really @HookedonPostcards mentioned it above) is to give them to a local elementary school. Kids can learn to address and write friendly messages. They can give them to their friends and family.

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I’d take some off your hands. Let me know how much for postage. I’d love to spruce up my stash.

I’d love love love to take some of your postcards, if you are still having some. I also would pay the shipping costs. Please let me know what you think about it. :slight_smile:

As a retired teacher I would have loved to have had a donation of cards to my classroom. Great idea IMO!

I periodically give away cards…5 cards in a simple envelope will travel for just one 1st class stamp.

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Schools and thrift shops/charity shops sound like the best idea!
You can also give them away, but it might be quite the effort to ship them out in dribs and drabs if you have a lot of them.
If you donate some to a thrift shops (or shops), you can always post its location here so that any Postcrossers near you have the option to go and check them out in person. That way, the shop raises some money, people get to buy postcards inexpensively, and less hassle for you too :wink:


I definitely like the giveaway idea. Some of us are brand new and scrambling to find postcards to keep up.

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Nurse home
I know some nurse like to cheer up there clients
Church some send note to people that are homebound
And if you decide to send some to people I love some

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Oh one more if you have like a girl or boy scout place

I am more than happy to take some! You could probably sell them on ebay too like a lot of 50 for $20

I would take some if you still have some! Willing to send a pre-addressed/stamped envelope for you to send them back :slight_smile:

would be greatful for some thank you.