When you're writing a postcard and something goes wrong…

Hello! I’m a fairly new postcrosser. Sometimes I made some annoying spelling mistakes when I writing postcards, and I often worry that the people who receive them will mind my mistakes💦

Do you make any mistakes when you write postcards? Such as spelling mistakes, wrong ID, wrong name … Or worse – you’ve got the address wrong! When you make a mistake, what do you do with that botched postcard?If you have made any of these mistakes, please let us know. Thank you!


All the time! A little bottle of White-Out is my best friend! Do you have that where you are? It’s a little bottle of white paint with a tiny paintbrush inside, attached to the top of the bottle, for making corrections.


Same as @TwasBrillig
PLUS … I try to remember to check my cards one more time before dropping them into the mailbox. It’s amazing how a few hours away from a card reveals errors. Then, I edit/fix. One time I wrote a card about a different place that I was thinking about, and realized about half-way in. So, I quickly switched gears to try to make up for the error by writing a compare/contrast note. Not sure if I was successful in the reader’s eyes but I was satisfied with my ability to creatively resolve the error.
But, I am not perfect and expect many of my errors fly off around the planet. I don’t want to sweat my errors, so I don’t sweat the errors others might make.
Have fun … relax … there are no spelling and grammar police here … I don’t think, anyways … says she who taught English! :wink:
What’s most important: the card, the message, your thoughtfulness. :purple_heart:


Put a wonderful sticker on it, or yeah, white-out, or a white-out

Wrong address: put an address label on it.
Yes, I’ve made all those mistakes. :laughing:


oh i make grammar mistakes all the time. or when you have a different word in your head than the one you wanted to write down. i usually just cross it out and start writing again or i cross out one letter and write the right one above.
most of the time it’s still very much readable so i don’t worry about it. and i don’t mind it at all if i don’t get a perfectly written card. people aren’t perfect. it shows part of the process and part of who you are, i like it.

i do have one thing that really annoys me though. i’m left handed and i’ve tried quite a few pens but i smudge a lot. if i really try and do my best it doesn’t happen but if i don’t than bam. half sentence is gone.


I am using these outside borders of a stamp sheet. I carefully cut them according to the dimensions that I need to cover and original gum of the stamp sheet is very helpful to paste it easily.

But the surface is glossy, so should be careful when writing on it. Need a little more time to dry the ink.

A cheap and effective way if stickers, washi tapes, correction fluid are unavailable.


If the mistake is in a convenient place, I turn that area into the weather and make a cloud right there. Otherwise, I often just improvise some other word or phrase that fits whatever I’ve put down. Worst case scenario, time for some randomly placed decorative flower drawings!

If it’s the address, I either print it out and place on top, cover with a Priority sticker or use an address label.


thats a really cool idea but in Germany very rarely these corner and side parts of the stamps are white


I make mistakes all the time. If I see them, I cross them out and write the right thing/spelling/whatever above it. I put the wrong country (!) in the address once. It finally arrived and the recipient said “but you put Belgium in the address instead of the Netherlands, that’s why it took so long” :joy: It did get to the right place, just a little late!


Yes, for sure!

If the postion allows it, I cover it with a nice decorative sticker (like at the end of a line). If not I simply use a correction roller. I prefer them over the fluid alternatives as you can immediately write over them again.


I make mistakes all the time! I just cross them out or make a big scribble over them. (even when it happens in the address) And vice versa, I don’t mind other people’s mistakes.


When I’ve realized I’ve made mistakes on a card I’ve already mailed, I usually just send the intended recipient a second card, on which I’ll write something like:
“You know that card you’ve probably already received from me, the one with all the mistakes; the wrong date, the grammatical errors, the misspellings, the inadequate postage, and the incorrect postal code? Well those weren’t “mistakes” at all, but rather things that were preordained to happen, in this indifferent and perhaps even cruel universe, before you, or I, were even born. But I hope you enjoy your two cards, anyway.”
I usually receive a “Thanks for your cards, and happy Postcrossing !” in return.


Sure, I make mistakes. If it’s in a place where I can cover it up with a sticker or address label, I do it. Otherwise, I just cross it out and keep going. I don’t usually use correction fluid or correction tape since it never seems to agree with me (maybe I press down too hard for it to be effective). I’m not perfect and I’m not interested in giving the illusion that I am. The receiver might be disappointed that I’m not perfect but what can you do. This is a hobby, not neurosurgery.


Oh, yeah, mistakes a-plenty! I go through a lot of white correction tape, since I don’t like to cross things out (there is so little room on a postcard to begin with). Sometimes I start a sentence with one thought in mind, and then finish it not quite grammatically correct… :crazy_face:
I just hope the recipient can make sense of it, and knows it was sent with good wishes.

White-out liquid, white correction tape, and white labels are the Postcrosser’s friends.


I remember once I wrote “have a nice suffer” instead of “have a nice summer”….
I usually use liquid or tape white-out or just cross out mistakes :slight_smile:


This is a great question!

I’ve enjoyed the answers here a lot and I’m definitely going to buy some white-out today. I haven’t written enough cards to have a lot of mistake stories to tell YET…but I’ve re-read some cards and thought…gee…this sounds like I’m a 7 or 8 years old! And I’ve had some near misses where I’ve had to change letters in words into other letters :grimacing:.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done any handwriting, and not having auto-correct or being able to hit the delete button has been really hard. I even wished I could zoom in on a space the other day as I was having trouble fitting all I wanted to say in the tiny space I had left over (I’ve been known to try and swipe to zoom in on books…top tip…it doesn’t work!!! :rofl:).


That’s okay. A “nice suffer” is always better than a bad one.



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I write my cards in erasable pens for this very reason. Since they’re pens, they’re easier to read than pencil, but they erase, which makes white-out a non-entity for me. If you’re interested, I use Pilot’s Frixon Pens. I don’t know if they’re available internationally, but here’s an Amazon link just in case…

Pilot’s Frixon Pens on Amazon (Link from USA)