When you're writing a postcard and something goes wrong…

You know that the ink gets invisible with heat?
And not only heat also as time goes by it gets more and more invisible.


Sadly that’s the downside, but the only time I’ve had any text disappear from heat, it was when I left letters in the car in 115 F. Also, putting the paper in the freezer for 10-15 minutes helps restore enough of the ink that’s it’s legible.


Given that almost every single postcard I write is not written in my mother language… Yes, I commit thousands of mistakes. And most of the postcards I receive have mistakes for the same reason.


I am righthanded, but I have the same problem. I usually write the address right side up, then flip the postcard 90 degrees and write the message. Maybe you can do something similar?

Earlier this year, I finished several cards and realized that I had written 2020 for the date.

I crossed it out and wrote “NO!!!” :sweat_smile:

Sometimes do the same for other errors and write “oops”.


I recently drew the address of a member named Olaf. As I was writing “Dear Olaf” I thought to myself “I had better not spell Olav with a ‘v’” and moments later sighed internally when I saw I had, in fact, just written Olav with a ‘v’. Since it was in permanent ink, I had no choice but to turn the ‘v’ into the wonkiest ‘f’ I’d ever seen and hope Olaf-with-an-f has a sense of humour about it.


Hello, Olaf-with-an-f here, and no, I didn’t think it was the least bit funny at all.

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I just cross away. I haven’t had correction tape or liquid in a long time and I tend to make a mess with them, and I have no patience so I just cross and carry on. I am unable to make things look pretty anyway so it doesn’t look that much worse than it would without that :rofl: I usually have too many things I want to write so sometimes my brain travels faster than my hand.


If I do a mistake, I improvise. Sometimes draw something on it, sometimes use any sticker,. washi tape or white out corector to use. If I do a mistake with address, i put over it a white label and write it again.

But when the text disappeared e. g. in a letterbox on a hot day, USPS cannot read the address and the addressee cannot read your message.


I use stickers on the mistake but sadly my last two postcards had a misspelling mistakes hahaha so sorry… English not my native lenguage and I feel so secure writing English that I found the mistake when I read again my message :frowning:


Excellent idea!!

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[Squints suspiciously at username]


Nothing to be suspicious about, it’s really me, Olav. Excuse me, I mean Olaf.


Ha, your feeble attempt to fool me makes me Olaugh!


Hello, Olaf here again. “Olaugh,” is that some sort of Swiss thing?


Oh no, we Swiss never laugh. How many Swiss does it take to change a lightbulb?
One. We are efficient and we have no sense of humour.


We use liquid paper

Have you ever tried white out? That’s what I do. I have used white acrylic paint as a las resort though lol :joy:

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