When will my address be given?

I have noticed that there is a long period of time between the date my card arrived and the date my own address was assigned! once it took over two weeks! is that normal?

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usually when a card you’ve sent get registered your address will be given out in i believe max two days. i’m not sure where you are getting the two weeks from? you won’t be receiving all those cards in the same order. the card from the first time your address was given out might still be on its way.


but all cards have arrived and i have compared the date of arrival with the date of the address issue for all of them

The cards you sent were registered on:
30th and 31st May
2nd, 7th, 15th, 23th and 24th June

your address was given twice on 2nd June, on 16th and 18th, and twice on 23rd June. (If I remember right, but about so.)

Sometimes your address is given in advance.

I think at least one, maybe two cards are still travelling to you, from the May registrations.

(If all your sent cards have arrived, you still might get one or few more cards than you sent, and it is normal :slight_smile: ).

oh… that can be of course! I didn’t know that the addresses would be assigned in advance! then I’ll wait and see if cards with an older date arrive! Thank you!

I’m sure they’ll arrive. Sometimes it takes very long, like today I received a card that travelled 115 days :slight_smile:

What does it mean in advance? I don’t think that’s possible, but sometimes (often for people in small countries) your address is given more than once for each card registered. Your first card was registered 30th May and you received two cards sent 2nd June.

As far as I understand, it can take a bit longer for addresses in Germany (and Russia and USA) to be given out because these countries have so many very active members. And since a lot of people select not to send to repeated countries, people in the most common countries are skipped in the queue - so it can take a couple of days but two weeks seems impossible (and there is no two weeks gap in your list).

In advance I meant, before a travelling card is registered.
For example, they can see I have over 2000 card that I have sent, so it’s likely that most of my travelling cards will arrive, and there fore, if someone “needs” an address from elsewhere than DE, US or RU, they might put my address, even though not my card was registered that time yet.

Kind of the same, or the same, as when it’s given multiple times. They see, this person sends this amount range of cards, we can give their address this many times (also taking into consideration few will expire). So I think giving same address multiple times is same as giving addresses in advance.

But, I am not sure of course. I think it this way.

This is what the FAQ says about it :smiley:

# Why have I received more postcards than I have sent?

The algorithm for selecting addresses is complex and there are instances when your address will be selected a bit more often than you expect. Count it as an early bonus — your sent/received numbers will even out in the long run.

I searched this a while ago, because my stats were:

15 sent
20 received

And I was highly confused.

So it’s not just people with high stats, where the Adress is given out early/more often. Happened to me as a newbie :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So the Adress is selected a bit more often and sometimes earlier than you think :blush:

About comparing the dates: sometimes cards you receive come from countries with slow mail service and they need some time to arrive. Others might get lost so after 60 days your address is given out again.
So you never know if those two weeks are correct or if you will receive a card where your address was given out before that two weeks apart card.

Oh yes, I didn’t mean this happens only members with many cards, I just used my numbers as an example. The op has sent 7, received 6, so not even received more, but just thought to mention this as their address was given in different days than cards were registered, so I think it’s “in advance” rather than two weeks after their cards was registered.

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I wouldn’t think so - it would happen if you are still due cards, so if you have (using easy number) 350 sent and 348 received, your address will go in the pool even if your card was not registered 5 minutes ago. But it’s not an advance in the way I see it, for the system you are still due a card. I might be wrong too but I think that’s how it works. If you have 350 sent and 350 received, I don’t think there is a way you will be sent a card “In advance”.

(The way it happens to me is that each of my registered card triggers about 10 cards sent to me, so all the cards I received are sent on the same day/couple of days. Then I am not due any cards for months. Lately it’s a bit less like that because I’ve been sending more so I catch up more quickly).

Receiving more than sending is a different matter and is discussed at length here: Receiving more cards than you send

I have thought, if I have travelling postcards in this case, they/the algorithms assumes the cards will arrive, and it’s safe to give my address. And that will be the “early bonus”, address given in advance etc.if it arrives before any of my travelling ones gets registered. But, I might not even know that, because it can be, my travelling cards gets registered in the meantime.

And if I have no travelling, they can predict my behaviour, that I am likely to send cards, and it’s again safe to give my address in advance.

:slight_smile: these are only my own thoughts!
(I don’t usually look when and how many times my address was given.)

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Yeah, I don’t think so - especially if you have none travelling. But also that is my thought and even if I think I’m pretty sure about it, I am not 100% sure :slight_smile:

The pattern of cards sent to me is so obvious that I had to notice when I constantly found myself having 10 more received than sent. And also because it is very visible on my list. I am excited it is a bit different now that I send slightly more and that cards don’t take a month to get anywhere like last year.

my address was changed twice on 02.06. issued! then only on June 17th. again, although three more cards were registered much earlier!

And the cards that you get in return of those 3 cards are probably on the way to you and they need a little bit longer.
Travel times of more than 30 days are normally for some countries.